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Handmade Soaps Splash in the Luxury of Aroma and Herbs!

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Soaps or more precisely some or the other kind of cleansing and washing agents have been around for many centuries in India and elsewhere. Though it is only say from the 10th century onwards that the commercial production started in some European nations like Greece, UK, etc and later it spread to the other nations. Each region had its own mix of ingredients going into these soaps as well l as flavors. India is no exception.

<b>Soaps and detergents date back to centuries in time here!</b>

Handmade soaps, as mentioned above, have been in used in India since very ancient times. Though unfortunately there is no recorded historical evidence other than from passing references found in our epics and stories taken from life and times of people starting with the Indus Valley and Mohen Jo Daro Civilizations.

Indians have been using one or the other kind of vegetable oils since time immemorial and they soon discovered that mixing oil with water and other chemicals such as potash would lead to the making of this product called soaps.  They also realized that if you increase the chemical and the synthetic content, the same soap can be used as detergents to wash clothes.

During the British period, Lever took over and started importing and marketing some of its brands beginning with Lux. Later the Tatas also joined in the fray and today we have a virtual who’s who that are fighting it out for their share of the market share in the soaps and detergents industry.

<b><a href=””>Handmade Soaps</a></b> are made in the slightly less organized cottage industry in abundance. Though some of the more organized names are also known to produce handmade soaps that offer different aromas based on their flavors. Herbal soaps are a great hit all through in any case. This is because soaps that are made out of only naturally obtained ingredients are believed to be totally harmless to the human skin. They are also considered to b e extremely nourishing to the colour, shine and texture of the skin as well.

<b>Soaps have made it to online retailing as well!</b>

Glycerine, strawberry, lime, neem, tulsi, orange, lavender, clove, pepper, ginger, khus khus, milk, almond, etc are some of the more sought after bases that users prefer here. There are plenty of choices of handmade soaps that carry one or the other of these herbs as their immediate flavours.

Coconut oil, soya oil, teak oil, etc are used as the main oil base.
Of late, several web portals have cropped up doing online retailing of handmade soaps too

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