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Hankuk Viton’s advanced link seal system

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Hankuk Viton Co., Ltd one of the leading track seal and Link seal distributor  Korea. As a seal specialty enterprise it has proven its product uses in a wide range of applications like pipelines, large buildings, steam tunnels, power house piping, energy plants, sound proofing applications, underground heating pipe systems, and water proofing floors and so on.

Here is products offered by Hankuk Viton

  • Heavy Equip Link Seal – Excavator Track Link Seal, Lubricated Track Link Seal, Bulldozer Track Link Seal
  • Special rubber parts – Oile Seal, O-Ring, Hydraulic & Pneumatic seal, Mechanical seal, Teflon lip seal, hydrostatic  testing packing products, crane TiePad and handling products
  • Ocean shipbuilding parts – cargo hatch cover packing product, Rubber seal


Link-Seal is a modular mechanical seal used for any type of penetration which is a synthetic rubber interlocking links used for sticking pipes through walls, floorings and casings (exterior case).


Features of Link-Seal

  • Positive hydrostatic sealing
  • Cathodic protection
  • Easy installation which cuts Labor cost
  • Fire and high temperature protection
  • Support for carrier pipe
  • Sound and vibration absorption
  • Reduces material costs
  • Minimizes freight and handling charges.
  • Avoids potential leak path between sleeve and concrete.
  • Cuts labor costs
  • fire protection in floor and wall penetrations
  • Corrosion protection


Hankuk Viton Co., Ltd well known as Excavator track link seal and also famous in several fields like shipbuilding, Special rubber parts production which made a constant growth in business development and technology.

“Continuous research, development and accumulated technology since 1988”

In a meantime distinct shipping teflon hatch packing, track link seal have become more popular in heavy equipment international corporations in both field of quality certification and in technique. The Hankuk Viton’s a product is delivered to all around the world and competing with quality that never fall behind with seal manufacturers of world running water. To the nonstop innovative work and aggregated technology, Hankuk Viton has proven as also a best oil seal manufacturers in Korea.

Hankuk Viton Co., Ltd has been manufactured various of Track Link Seal and Packing products such as Excavator Track, Bulldozer link seal, Lubricated track Link, Undercarriage Track Link, Cargo Hatch Cover, Chemical Tanker Hatch Cover Packing and Hydrostatic Test.


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