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Harley-Davidson Style – A Brief Guide

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Harley-Davidson bikes are magnificent and powerful machines that have been travelling on streets and highways since they were first produced in 1903. Harley Davidson is a icon of freedom and power, being one of the only two major motorbike manufacturers that endured past the Great Depression. Today, there are several many forms of Harley-Davidson motorbikes that you can pick from when you visit a bike dealer.

First, there is the Touring line of Harley-Davidson bikes. Also called Harley-Davidson FL, touring models are recognizable by their huge saddlebags and broad windshields. Different trims of the HD-FL include the Road King, Road Glide, and the Electra Glide. The more recent models feature antilock braking systems which prevent the bikes from skidding when they have to abruptly keep to stop collisions and providing adequate rider protection.

The Dyna-frame Harley-Davidsons also come in many trims, all labeled as FX. The most well-known trim is the Super Glide which is distinguished by its FXD model name. A Harley-Davidson FXDL is also called a Low Rider. The Wide Glide or FXDWG is slightly different from the others due to its thick forks.

The Sportster bikes are designed for racing so they are quite lighter and streamlined than the bulkier FLs and FXs. The engine of the Sportster is more rigidly installed to the frame of the bike to make it run easier and faster without the engine feeling like it sways the bike with its weight. Harley Davidson Columbus Ohio dealers market Sportster bikes with model names XL and XR.

Harley Davidson Dayton Ohio dealers also have Softail motorbikes, which are even sleeker in design compared to the Sportster. These are still formidable-looking motorcycles but are a little simpler to handle. These are also more convenient to mount due to their sleek figure, making them ideal for riding on windy days.

A number of used motorcycles Columbus Ohio dealers sell are custom-built. There are Harley-Davidson motorcycles with customized configuration that result in improved aesthetics or superior performance based on the rider’s tastes. Others models are made from custom configurations highlighting their greatest features. For more information, see


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