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Have you considered using Power Line Communication networking in your house?

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What is PLC?

Power line communication (PLC) is a system for carrying data on a conductor that is also used for electric power transmission.

How does it work?

Power-line networking is one of several ways to connect the computers in your home. It uses the electrical wiring in your house to create a network.

power-line networking is based on the concept of “no new wires.” The convenience is even more obvious in this case because you will always have an electrical outlet near a computer. In power-line networking, you connect your computers to one another through the same outlet. and Because it requires no new wiring, and the network adds no cost to your electric bill, power-line networking is the cheapest method of connecting computers in different rooms.

“Does it do wat it says on the Tin?”

This technology has been around for some time but its only recently that a set of new standards are coming out, offering greater speed and reliability. Hardware wise, the set up is really straight forward and can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Should I change my wireless for PLC?

As a computer technician I would not recommend to get rid of your existing wireless and replacing it by a PLC installation. In my view, Power Line Communcation Netwoking compliments really well any existing wireless network in the house is ideal used for fixed equipment such as desktop computers, games consoles, Television set, home cinema receiver etc…

As an example, A client recently had trouble to access his wi-fi network on a game console in their sound proof entertainment room in the basement. The thickness of the wall and insulation was a real problem and signal quality was really on wi-fi and the client did not want to pull new cables around the house. I then proposed a PLC installation to counter this issue which we installed and worked perfectly.

Can I install a PLC adaptor myself?

You certainly can do that if you are able to follow the instruction given by the manufacturer but if you don’t want to waste time you can contact a professional computer technician to set it up for you in a very short time.

However a rough guide this is how to set it up:


  • Connect the adapters in a power socket.
  • Press the synchronize buttons on the adaptors to setup the units so they can communicate with each other.
  • Verify the PLC adaptor manual to make sure that the leds on the adaptors that should be lit are lit up and showing the correct color code and you are done.
  • The next thing to do is some routine testing to make sure everything is working fine. You can do that by plugin an ethernet cable to the PLC and connect it on your Desktop or Laptop computer’s Ethernet RJ45 Socket. Then try to access the internet on your browser.


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