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he said with satisfaction

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chanel outlet ,“Colonel,” another of his officers said, “there’s still time for everything to come out right.”     Without changing his expression, Colonel Aureliano Buendía signed the first copy. He had not finished signing the last one when a rebel colonel appeared in the doorway leading a mule carrying two   chests.   In   spite   of   his   entire   youth   he   had  a   dry   look   and   a   patient   expression.   He   was   the treasurer   of   the   revolution   in   the   Macondo   region.   He   had   made   a   difficult   journey   of   six   days, pulling along the mule, who was dying of hunger, in order to arrive at the armistice on time. With an exasperating parsimony he took down the chests, opened them, and placed on the table, one by one, seventy-two gold bricks, Everyone had forgotten about the existence of that fortune.

 Chanel Bags UK , In the disorder of the past year, when the central command fell apart and the revolution degenerated into a bloody rivalry   of   leaders,   it   was   impossible   to   determine   any   responsibility.   The   gold   of   the   revolution, melted     into   blocks   that   were   then   covered     with   baked    clay,  was   beyond     all  control.  Colonel Aureliano   Buendía   had   the   seventy-two   gold   bricks   included   in   the   inventory   of   surrender   and closed   the   ceremony   without   allowing   any   speeches.   The   filthy   adolescent   stood   opposite   him, looking into his eyes with his own calm, syrup-colored eyes.     “Something else?” Colonel Aureliano Buendía asked him.     The young colonel tightened his mouth.     “The receipt,” he said.   


Chanel Handbags UK ,  Colonel Aureliano Buendía wrote it out in his own hand. Then he had a glass of lemonade and a piece   of   biscuit   that   the   novices   were   passing   around   and   retired   to   a   field   tent   which   had   been prepared for him in case he wished to rest. There he took off his shirt, sat on the edge of the cot, and   at   three-fifteen   in   the   afternoon   took   his   pistol and shot himself in the iodine circle that his personal physician had painted on his chest. At that moment in Macondo Úrsula took the cover off the   pot   of   milk   on   the   stove,   wondering   why   it   was   taking   so   long   to   boil,   and   found   it   full   of worms.    


Chanel Shoulder Bags , “They’ve killed Aureliano,” she exclaimed.     She looked toward the courtyard, obeying a habit of her solitude, and then she saw José Arcadio Buendía, soaking wet and sad in the rain and much older than when he had died. “They shot him in the back,” Úrsula said more precisely, “and no one was charitable enough to close his eyes.” At dusk through her tears she saw the swift and luminous disks that crossed the sky like an exhalation and she   thought   that   it   was   a   signal   of   death.   She was   still   under   the   chestnut   tree,   sobbing   at   her    husband’s knees, when they brought in Colonel Aureliano Buendía, wrapped in a blanket that was stiff with dry blood and with his eyes open in rage.     He was out of danger. The bullet had followed such a neat path that the doctor was able to put a cord    soaked    in  iodine    in  through    the   chest  and    withdraw     it  from   the  back.   “That    was   my masterpiece,”   he   said   with   satisfaction.  

 Chanel Outlet Store , “It   was   the   only   point   where   a   bullet   could   pass   through without harming any vital organ.” Colonel Aureliano Buendía saw himself surrounded by charitable novices who intoned desperate psalms for the repose of his soul and then he was sorry that he had not shot himself in the roof of the mouth as he had considered doing if only to mock the prediction of Pilar Ternera.     “If I still had the authority,” he told the doctor, “I’d have you shot out of hand. Not for having saved my life but for having made a fool of me.”     The   failure   of   his   death   brought   back   his   lost  prestige   in   a   few   hours.   The   same   people   who invented the story that he had sold the war for a room with walls made of gold bricks defined the attempt  at   suicide   as   an   act   of   honor   and   proclaimed   him   a   martyr.


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