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Head cover to suit every Jewish festival

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Joe had been in Los Angeles for the past seven years. After completing his studies, he decided to join a bank and work and settle down. He is very flexible and adaptable from the childhood and after the initial hitches he started accepting and enjoying whatever came his way. He wears T-shirt and jeans, he eats burger and mousse and loves to listen to George Michael and Enrique. He was a good student all through and after completing his doctorate in Economics when he got his job he thought of bringing his parents to him. His parents arrived and they had great time together. All week round Joe hardly got any time to spare for his parents. He has to set out for the office early around eight and can return home only after seven or eight every day. However, on the weekends, he takes out his parents to several places and they generally dine out in some good restaurant. He understands that though he is trying his best to do whatever he could, his parents are feeling somewhat lonely and started to miss their home back in their own country as well as the relatives and neighbors. Now how can Joe create a country out of the country; a home out of their home; for his parents? Joe started searching the net for the Jewish community in Los Angeles and nearby cities. After some search he found one. The community celebrated the Jewish festivals and tried to arrange for get together every two to three months. Joe gave the good news back home and his parents were delighted at the news. Immediately they got in touch with the community and the next weekend they visited the community. After few weeks the community was making preparations for the Bar Mitzvah. The community celebrates all the festivals year long from the Yalmuke to the Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah. The community hall can also be taken for wedding or other celebration purposes. When they went there they found there were stalls which had lovely kippah made from satin, suede, moiré, and even leather. Joe’s father was extremely happy to found those. His own kippot was not in good shape and he wanted to buy a new one. Joe too had to buy one. But he loved the varieties so much that he actually bought quite a few. Being a football fan all his life he could not simply resist buying the sporty ones. Not just kippah Los Angeles but also there were stalls for ladies clips, Ketubos, Bentchers and traditional Taleisem. Joe learnt from one of the community organizers that they have procured these from an online store which is there for the past 50 years producing kippah Los Angeles from high quality material and made by the industry best designers. The kippot were also available in other cities and one can order Kippah New York or Kippah New Jersey also. Joe and his family enjoyed the day thoroughly and Joe was very happy to find his parents truly happy and relaxed. Even after returning home and for the next few days Joe’s parents, especially his father could not stop talking about the occasion and their experience there. His father brought out the satin head cover every now and then and touched it and felt it and admired it. It was like a part of his culture to him.


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  • Posted On August 13, 2012
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