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Heel iPad under polarized sunglasses tragedy

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The cheap oakley sunglasses are fashionable to wear products, it can make your eyes from strong sunlight at the same time, also can make you look more like a character. If you are an iPad users when using the device did not have sunglasses – especially in the case of oakley sunglasses polarized sunglasses? If your answer is yes, then we want to draw your attention to a small detail.
Broke the heel iPad under polarized sunglasses will Tragedy

Under normal circumstances the iPad screen

Wear sunglasses after the iPad screen


Did you know? If you are under the premise of wearing oakley oil rig polarized sunglasses, the iPad vertically placed in front will be dark until you re iPad put into a horizontal position, the screen will return to normal. Foreign Web sites specifically for the production of a test video, to show that telling the truth.

Interested friends can try it yourself.

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  • Posted On May 18, 2012
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