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Here are some tips and tricks to help you covert YouTube to MP3 files.

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there are a number of music and video files that are only available on YouTube but are not available in MP3 format. Maybe, you were just going through YouTube and fortunately, you came across music or video files that you really like and could want to store it in your portable gadget like an iPod or iPhone. Unfortunately, this particular production is not available in MP3. What do you do in such a situation? You are most likely to resign and wait until the YouTube file is availed in MP3 format. If you find yourself in such a situation, there is no reason for you to resign and wait for a time that you are not even sure that it will come. Here are some tips and tricks to help you covert YouTube to MP3 files.

Currently, there is an add-on feature on Firefox which can help you convert YouTube to MP3 formats. Although this add-on is still on the experimental phase, it will help you convert a number of videos and music files from YouTube to MP3 and later download to your portable gadget. To use this add-on, you will be required to first register. After registration, you will be able to visit the plug-in and afterwards install it. You will only be required to register once to use it at any time of your choice. Although the registration process is not such complex, it may take you sometime before you complete it. For this and especially if you are in a hurry, there is an option for you. You can consider going to the site YouTube to MP3 directly. From the site, you will be able to download any of the music and video files in MP3 version. An advantage of installing the YouTube to MP3 plug in is that you will be able to use it to convert any music files at any time. The plug-in will also help you convert several files at the same time with little hassle. Once installed, every YouTube file you will access will have a link which will enable you download and convert YouTube to MP3 files of your choice.

Now, apart from this plug-in, there are several sites that you can use to convert your YouTube files to MP3. Several of such sites offer the YouTube to MP3 conversion services free of charge and this can be a great way to convert YouTube to MP3 without using a lot of money and without taking much time.

ViDToMP3, FLV to MP3 and Video to MP3 are some of the options you can use to convert YouTube to MP3 files. Apart from music and video files, there are some programs and sites that will enable you convert other files from YouTube to MP3 .For instance, there are some programs that will enable you convert audio and video interviews from YouTube to MP3 for you to listen and watch on your portable gadget. With this services getting your favorite music files from You Tube should not be a problem for more details visit


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