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Hermes birkin identification method

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To identify the birkin hermes authenticity of Hermes Platinum package is actually very simple, of course, is true in the counter to buy, if you buy Hermes “BoBag of gold “package (Hermes Birkin), can usually line up in the Waiting List, you will be notified after the arrival. Special system.

The law should be to hermes birkin black enjoy Order. Order usually can choose the details of the leather, fasteners, and so on.Hermes “Birkin” package Hermes Birkin bag the size 30CM, 35CM, 40CM, 45CM four different options, leather.

Quality there are 90 kelly hermes bags kinds of different materials and colors to choose from (leather, sheepskin, pigskin, and precious alligator, ostrich skin And lizard skin). Price from the most basic models start around 50,000 yuan, to the luxury of precious cortex ranging from about 30 Million.

Each Hermes “Birkin” package kelly bag (Hermes Birkin) front right piece of metal buckle on the back concave square box of the word.That means the year (for 1997-2022), and package production in the 1961-1996 round box. The other side of the letters and Number, it is the code name of the artisans.

Tips: The first method: careful observation of the LOGO labels.kelly bag BIRKIN bag in the design, production process; has its own unique pattern Moreover, these patterns are not easy to imitate other people, so consumers should be on BIRKIN site to see the corresponding skin.Package LOGO: hand to feel that leather, leather materials on the Birkin is the best quality, not only a sense of Feel rich, but also the distinctive taste of leather.The second method: observe the stitching of the bag. BIRKIN bag has a so-called “saddle stitching, two needles of the suture is Criss-cross each other, forming a big “X” in; was the designer of this design has only one aim, that is in order if A; a needle is broken, the bad will not make to the bag. The third method: somewhat difficult to observe things, sewing, sewing package is coated in beeswax.


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