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hermes purse

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The exploration of the forest is not over, the front corner to display the delicate a log cabin, inside strewn at random have send njckbnjvb to put love MaShi purse of the latest meal porcelain 2010 series “magic hut”, projected elegant white and purplish light. Next to a full of natural breath of unique wood is attracted the eyes of the viewers, the bed of love MaShi show is living art series 2010 qiu dong launched a new series of bedding. This type of “blessing treasure” silk and cotton jacquard bedding set of collocation is decorated hermes purse with meticulous “H” design, its elegant design inspiration comes from love MaShi tie the world. Cixin bedding is equipped with three different kinds of jacquard pattern, and there are three sets of fashion match colors to choose from: white, terra-cotta and dark gray color. All close design will love MaShi bedroom adornment to become a delicate world. In this year qiu dong the launch of new four sets of bedding, whether exquisite jacquard, or silk and cotton blended, hollow-out the flax lace and printing cotton twill, all for the bedroom, the household life core part, bring a wipe the rich colors of grace. The butterfly air blowing, leading us into a glittering and translucent and bright state of jewelry exhibit. Pinpricks deserve to act the role of, like elves in the naughty ground jump dancing. CASCADE series rose gold necklace with brown drill flashing dazzling rays of light, attracted the eyes of the viewers-this necklace from whatever form or material are all show elegant and showily temperament, clasp from a single bending long chains of beginning, slowly evolved into a bunch of different thicknesses of fine chain, such as falls on a refined, all exhibit natural charm. Malta blue DOUBLE SENS pack two sides can use, change with women. Of course, the most we can not miss, is this season launched a new series of SO BLACK leather bag, and 35 inches BLACK Birkin bag match with completely BLACK lock design, make the whole leather bag in the elegant glaring new luster. Through the love MaShi unique innovation process, outside of the bag metal parts, all show bright black effect. “So Black” series of six of style, and crocodiles coat of paint and inferior smooth crocodile skin of two kinds of high-grade material for belong to it of the host to provide the most intimate choice. The unique design of the packing more let this type of leather bag for a total solar eclipse was visible black effect: bag, packing boxes and ribbon.All black!


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  • Posted On May 15, 2012
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