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High End Shops In Airports

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It seems even Gatwick Airport is not exempt from waving the sales signs in order to entice people to shop there. Whilst we understand it is not necessarily a shopping centre, people cannot help but be put off by the increasing ticket prices and all the additional costs it entails to fly somewhere. You want to take a suitcase with you on your two week holiday to America? That will be fifty pounds, please, madam. Cannot be avoided – you need clothes! This may even be an olive branch to potential flyers – whilst they do not directly set the plane prices of the carriers, they can help by not forcing families to spend half their holiday fund on the parking, for they are offering travellers 65% off their parking. There are transport options to and from the airport, however. And if you’re here for just the one night, why not arrange one of the girls from Gatwick Airport Escorts to meet you at the arrivals gate.


Shopping options at Gatwick Airport, annoyingly, fail to disappoint. Whilst the same can be said for the Gatwick escorts, this is not considered disappointing. It has always struck me as curious as to why they offer high end shops in airports. Gone are the days when flying was reserved for the wealthy upper class and the poor were forced to swim across the Atlantic. This is also the case with escorts in Gatwick, thanks to the price-friendly tariffs. And so it strikes me as odd as to why they have an abundance of designer stores in the place of the planes. In this instance, we have Kurt Geiger, Harrods and Ted Baker to name but a few. Whilst we understand these are not up there with Gucci and the big Paris fashion houses, it’s not the place to shop if you’ve forgotten pants and socks. Where’s Primark when you need it! Or a Gatwick escort, for that matter. And having no doubt already overpacked, buying new clothes at the airport seems quite brave. Do remember, that they’ll charge for overweight luggage so it’s best to play it safe. Besides, if you’re going to a country somewhere in Europe, chances are you’ll find a market that sells ‘genuine’ designer items. Yes, Ted Baker may be spelt with two d’s, but it hasn’t cost much. Whilst we can’t assure they’re not knock-offs, the girls at Gatwick escorts are incredibly good value for money.


Caviar House and Prunier in Gatwick Airport, charging £50 for a 30g tin, is just further example of how Gatwick is stuck in a forgotten era. It is puzzling though as to why there’d be so many options for the rich, when chances are they’re in the ever elusive BA Lounge where sandwiches and crisps, alcoholic beverages and fizzy pop are free. Damn.

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