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A lovely, charming appearance and personality of miss Karen Mok has a pair of slender legs, but I was more concerned about her feet.Miss Mok confesses that, all up and down the most valuable is her shoes, she took to buy a good pair of shoes as a treat.A chiropractic physicians want shoes, is comfortable to wear, with the spine, hip, knee, ankle, foot and other joint physiological requirements, in line with the human body biomechanics, rather than the precious materials.A good pair of shoes than a BMW is much more important to knight.

The shoe heel height to fit.2 to 3 cm heel to arch is more reasonable, the hips forward, abdominal straining, chest puffed out, make the person looks tall and energetic.Flat shoes makes people focus too on the body needs to lean forward, to maintain balance,, high heel shop. walking around with the heel hit the ground vibration sense, can also spread to the brain.High heel to toe metatarsal hard, increase, and subjected to extrusion, the ankle, knee stress increases, waist, abdomen must be substantially is to maintain balance, easily lead to the waist, hip muscle, ligament strain.For a long time, toe deformation, over the formation of hallux valgus, bunion.In real life, short wear high-heeled shoes to increase height.In fact the heel height and height is proportional to, a short heels more harm.The number of female master came home first thing to do is to play God high-heeled shoes.Sociologists study is worth Chinese woman, just from the foot of the fetters of litter out of, but by a man of high heels with bound up.

Shoes with elastic to be appropriate.Tight shoes can put the foot against the bad, to have his revenge is a kind of abuse behavior.One of my old patients, countryside labor transformation, a pair of small shoes, then can have a pair of sneakers, very not easy.So, although small, but also could not bear to throw away.Over the years, the hallux valgus foot, foot all corns, calluses.Nowadays, the pain unbearable, every month to repair a foot, a foot massage.After each treatment as have the Spring Festival.Loose shoes, feet in the shoes of a crossbeam swing, shoes won’t hold up, plantar metatarsal too hard, wear and pain.One of my friends like to go for a walk, always plantar metatarsal pain.I asked him what shoes to wear, so he likes to wear any shoes.I let him change to wear lace-up shoes after, symptoms disappear completely.

Since the four seasons wear socks with different thickness, the shoes for a long time will become loose, bigger, even one day in foot size or different, thus bring more appropriate shoes for regulation.Bend over the difficulties of older, wear a shoe is open., high heel shop. Something for the parents to take warning is never let children wear tight shoes, will let the child’s foot grew up in deformity.When buying a pair of shoes to clear a little space, foot grew up after the timely replacement of shoes.

Shoe materials should pay attention to ventilation.Breathable material does not cover their feet, comfortable, but also not easy for tinea pedis.Now the addition of the shoe shoes, almost no good ventilation.Especially the sole, despite strong enough, the inside of the foot is like sauna, foot sweat glands developed, took off a shoe like put gas bomb.Cloth shoes although breathable, but not into in good taste, not as sturdy shoes.

Want to buy a pair of completely to his shoe was almost inaccessible, some people will never pass through the fit of the shoe, the majority of people are full of shoe none of the shoes as one wishes.The author of the proposal is, buy only right, do not buy cheap.


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