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Himalaya Trekking- The Ultimate Adventure

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The Himalayas, over the centuries, have attracted trekkers, mountaineers, pilgrims and ascetics. The mountain range has been standing tall since ages, towering over the world and presenting man with a view of nature’s most raw and unrelenting form. But even in this harsh form of Mother Nature, one can find some of the most awe inspiring landscapes and beautiful views on the entire planet.


Since time immemorial its rugged heights crowned with snow and draped in vast glaciers has lured man to pit his courage and ingenuity against its dangerous challenge. Himalaya trekking presents the ultimate draw for adventure seekers and nature lovers around the globe. These hikes offer not only some formidable challenges for testing ones capabilities but also provide some breathtaking scenery for the trekkers to witness. You will not find a more beautiful setting for adventure than Himalaya treks.


These mountains have proved to be a haven for those looking to find themselves and seeking Nirvana. Since ancient times, ascetics have climbed into these inhospitable heights in search of peace. In doing so, they have established places of pilgrimage that have become more than household names since their fame has spread to all parts of the world. People have been undertaking treks in Himalayas not just to seek adventure but also to discover their true selves and seek inner peace.


Those going for a trek in Himalayas are also treated to a spectacular cultural experience. Here nestle small villages and hamlets with their diverse local customs, dances, folklore and architecture. The people are as vibrant as their surroundings and in many cases innocent of the sometimes dubious benefits of modern civilization. These parts of the world are completely untouched by commercialization and are thus free of the hustle and bustle of normal urban life. The old traditions and customs are still kept alive by the people living here. Himalayas trekking offers a unique opportunity for the hikers to get to know these people and their customs first hand and experience life in its most simple and subtle form.


Himalaya tours will truly compel you to appreciate just how beautiful nature can be. Below the snowline at 18,000 feet, nature appears to relent from the austere magnificence of the heights and tall snow clad peaks. Here lies a completely different world of cascading water-falls, lush green forests, flower-bedecked meadows and a variety of flora and fauna. Here the rivers flow clear blue and icy. There is flora and fauna here that you will not find anywhere else. Plus there is a kind of purity in the air that will rejuvenate your body and mind like never before. Just to experience this side of nature, a trek to Himalayas should form part of everybody’s wish list.


And finally comes the adventure. Every Himalayan trek, no matter which region it will take you, has the potential to offer a plethora of adrenaline pumping experiences to excite even the most seasoned thrill seekers. There is something here for everyone!


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Paul is an avid adventure enthusiast who runs an organization called Private Himalaya. With his company, he offers trekking opportunities and bespoke hiking packages to those wishing to trek in the Himalayas, especially those hoping to complete the famous Everest Base camp trek.


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