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Himalayan Trekking –An Experience You Will Never Forget

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Treks in Himalayas are the ultimate way to experience the beauty and serenity of nature in its purest form. The mountains offer some of the most spectacular trekking experiences in the world along with the breathtaking scenery and an ultra rich flora and fauna. If you are a nature lover, then a Himalayan trek should definitely feature on the very top of your bucket list of adventures.


But to embark upon a Himalaya expedition you don’t need to be a professional trekker. Even though there are some trails that require a considerable amount of physical fitness and caliber, you can still find plenty of options for your trekking adventure that suit you fitness levels. In the Himalayas, even the novice trekker will find a limitless choice of safe mountain routes to trek upon, astonishingly beautiful views to see and an experience that will last a lifetime.


There are four countries that the Himalayas cover: India, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. Each country presents its own set of challenges during the treks and provides a unique cultural experience to the visitors. The experiences in each of these will be equally thrilling and mesmerizing. The Everest base camp trek, Annapurna basecamp trek, treks in Nepal etc. are some of the most popular excursions that you can go for.


While on the treks, you will have experiences that you have never had before. Sleeping in tea houses, spending the nights in tents, campfires, experiencing local cuisines and learning the culture of the area are but a few small examples of the wonderful time that you will have on these treks. The trekking routes in the Himalayas offer some of the most mesmerizing views that you can find on the entire planet. Be prepared to be awed by Mother Nature’s blessing that these mountains have.


The trek however can be challenging, depending upon the route that you decide to take up. There are various trekking routes that offer relatively easy walking and climbing experiences. These are the ones that you should focus on if it is your first time trekking. However for the experienced backpackers, there is another wide range of trekking options available which might even include scaling ice walls, climbing steep mountains and many adventure activities. All in all, the mountains have something to offer to every kind of traveler.


But the best thing to experience while on a trek in Himalayas is the culture and the people. These treks will bring you face to face with the famous hospitality of the people that live and work in these mountains. Their culture is unique and their lives and ways very simple and untouched by the cosmopolitan culture that is prevalent in the rest of the world. You will find yourself closer to nature and closer to yourself.


These treks are the perfect way to understand one self and our abilities and to test ourselves both physically and mentally. A Himalaya Trekking expedition can be a life altering experience for you. You will return home as a changed person.


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