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History and Significance of ‘Staffing Company’

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Staffing Companies or Staffing Agencies had an origin as early as in 1650. Henry Robinson an English merchant and writer had proposed a medium through which job seekers meet the employers the easiest possible way. It was then addressed as Employment exchange. The British parliament had rejected the proposal of Henry Robinson then. This did not stop him from his mission, he went on to open up his business but it had a very short existence.

For apparent reasons Henry Robinson’s efforts were not recognised officially. In 1871, Alsager Hay Hill had established the first ever labour exchange in London. Then further it got official sanction from the Labour Bureau (London) Act 1902. Earlier only government employment agencies were considered as quasi-illegal entities under the international law. Private staffing agency were either closed down or working with very strict regulation from the government.

Staffing agencies or employment agencies were quite popular in the twentieth century in most of the developing countries. These agencies were a great solution for reducing the unemployment rate in the country.

Staffing companies significance in development

Staffing companies have a health contribution towards the economic development of any country. They have provided the appropriate employees to the employer, which help in the overall production process. It has also helped the job seekers as employment agencies always have a solution for them.

Let’s have a look at the significance of a staffing company.

#         Private staffing company have created employment opportunities which have not existed otherwise.

#         They help people from other cities, states or even countries to have an opportunity to get employed in a distant company.

#         Agencies provide with only the best employees. This increases the working standard and quality of product or service.

#         Staffing companies provide a direct solution to the employer. The do not have to invest time in the tedious process of selecting a candidate. This helps them concentrate on the work they are best at.

#         Staffing companies have reduced the unemployment rate considerably. If most of the population is employed in a country, is a sign that nation is moving in the right direction for development.

#         Staffing agencies have developed as an industry now. It also creates employment opportunity within the sector. Not to forget the employees in sector pays tax and also contribute to the total GDP of a country.

Even today, people have misconceptions about staffing company. They doubt the working capacity and professionalism of the organisation. Staffing companies officially have a history of over 100 years now. It operates as professionally as any other industry. It’s always sensible to invest in their services. It will definitely benefit your organisation. As Jim Collins has said “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”  It’s very important to have a good team of employees to run a great company.


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