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Hobart AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter-Can it really cut 5/8″ inch thick steel.?

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if you have cut much steel much at all, I’m sure you’re familiar with the dual tank set-up of an usual oxy-fuel torch. This type of set-up is often used to cut thru pretty thick steel. I have used many torches of this type in various situations over the years. For cutting of steel with an oxy-fuel torch can be quite inconvenient at times. for one thing, the bottle can be very huge and requires a lot of exertion to be moved around. The bottles once empty has to be renewed and this routine of bottle exchange can get irritating and be a strain on your back as well as your money. Oxy-fuel torches need balancing of the flame which further adds to the procedure and the time involved in cutting scenarios.

modern portable plasma cutting have come into its own so to speak. It’s relatively easy to get a quality plasma cutter at an cheap expense. One cutter that without a doubt seems to perform, is the lightweight Hobart AirForce 500i plasma cutter. the Hobart Airforce 500i is capable of running on 115-volts, 120-volts, or run from your semi engine. This multi-voltage wherewithal makes the little Hobart plasma cutter amazingly multifaceted. With the ability to use the Hobart AirForce 500i on the road via the generator powered set-up, you can do tedious cutting almost any place you need it!

Hobart is an US located enterprise that has been making welders for over 80 years. Hoart produces the highest caliber of welding equipment on the market today. Hobart has proven over the years that they are merely concerned in assembly highest-quality welding configuration. All Hobart plasma cutters must pass a strenous quality control test which ensures that they are at the top of their game.

There are a number of advantages to adopting plasma cutting rather that oxy-fuel. Plasma cutting is much better than oxy-fuel cutting and no preheating of the material is needed as it is needed with oxy-fuel cutting. Also, with a plasma cutter, you have the ability to gouge and penetrate metal. There is not much chance of bending when using Hobart plasma cutters because the Heat Zone is much smaller. Another great advantage is that the cuts themselves are much cleaner and more useful. The plasma cutter opens up the use of more cutting applications such as, cutting out sign stencils.

The Hobart plasma cutter is very light weighing in at only 27.8 lbs. The Hobart AirForce 500i can cut thru 5/8″ thick steel! This is stunning power for such a light and compact cutter. Hobart plasma cutters make cutting thru steel easy and easy. You will conserve both time and money making faster cuts without regularly buying fuel bottles.

If you could use fast cutting of any conductive metals with speed, precision, and cleaner cuts you should probably take a look at the Hobart AirForce 500i plasma cutter! There are a lot of plasma cutter on the market to pick from, the Hobart is made in the US and they have been in busines for about 80 years. If I was going to trust my most improtant cutting need to one marker it would definately be Hobart. The Hobart plasma cutter offers a much affordable answer for cutting steel that is faster, cleaner, and cheaper!

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  • Posted On July 11, 2012
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