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Horse Hair Mineral Analysis

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Horse Hair Mineral Analysis can take the guessing out of diagnosing your horse’s health by pinpointing issues that other methods, such as blood testing, can not detect.

Horse Hair Analysis can take the guessing out of diagnosing equine health issues.

Pinpointing health issues in your horse
Many horse owners treat sore muscles and stiffness with time off or NSAIDs (such as Bute) or they constantly battle problems such as hives with a number of prescribed treatments recommended by their attending veterinarian. The effectiveness will be short lived if the real issue is a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Has your horse been living with deficient levels of essential minerals or possibly exposed to toxic metals?
Horse Hair Analysis® tests 18 critical minerals and metals. The report analyzes if your horse is deficient in any nutritional minerals or metals or possibly toxic with heavy metals. At least 8 out of 10 horses are either deficient in minerals and electrolytes or have toxic levels of heavy metal in their system.

Why blood testing is not as accurate at Horse Hair Mineral Analysis
Blood tests are not nearly as accurate at Horse Hair Analysis® as the test takes a snapshot of the horse’s levels at the exact time the blood is taken. Several variables such as food intake, water consumption, time of day or when the last supplement was fed can drastically affect the blood test results. In contrast, Horse Hair Mineral Analysis evaluates the last 90 days of the horse’s biochemistry. Minerals and heavy metals are deposited into the hair during assimilation and excretion.

How to correct mineral deficiencies and toxicities
Before major health problems arrive, the Horse Hair Analysis® results can detent vitamin or mineral imbalances that can cause disease or lameness. Most diseases, sore muscles, stiffness, hives and joint pain are nutritionally related and can be helped solely by improving the horse’s level of nutrition. A well balanced nutrition supplement or a customized HHA® Personal Supplement will help to bring your horse’s nutritional vitamin and mineral imbalances back into normal range.

DePaolo Equine Concepts is pioneering holistic equine health care – an approach that combines traditional veterinary medicine with equine nutraceuticals.

Horse Hair Analysis® is part of that approach: it’s a cutting edge process for evaluating the cause of puzzling health problems and horse nutrition deficiencies, culminating with a customized horse supplement. We are passionate about our equine health care products, we know you are too.


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  • Posted On September 27, 2010
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