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How a Certified Michigan Basement System Specialist Can Help You!

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One of the best ways to protect your Michigan home and preserve its monetary value is with a patented basement waterproofing system. A wet, musty, moldy basement not only presents an unsafe living environment for your family, it also drastically reduces the value of your home (as well as potential buyer interest). In fact, a good portion of homeowners won’t even consider buying a home with a flooding basement! When they do buy, you can expect the value of the home to be discounted by 10% or more. Since no one wants to live in, or purchase, a home with a wet basement, it’s important to contact a basement system specialist as soon as you see any sign of dampness or water damage in your home.

How Water Enters a Michigan Basement
Water doesn’t discriminate when it comes to entering one’s home. It can leak into a basement through the walls, floors, windows, and even concrete. The most common method of water transfer is air movement; however, water can also leak into a basement and cause damage via heat transfer or diffusion. That’s why unprotected, unsealed basements are often wet, musty, and a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

How to Protect Your Michigan Basement
There are many ways to protect your Michigan basement from water damage, flooding, and mold. The first step is to contact a certified basement systems specialist to come and inspect your basement and provide a free waterproofing estimate. A certified Michigan Basement Systems specialist will then tailor a basement waterproofing plan that suits both your budget and your home.

Popular Basement Waterproofing Systems
Every basement is different, each with its own specific needs and limitations. A Michigan basement system specialist can diagnose and solve any basement waterproofing problem, whether it involves crack repair, flooding, leaky windows, mold growth, a damp crawl space, or foundation waterproofing.

Installing a self-draining dehumidifier, for example, is a very popular solution for musty, wet Michigan basements. A dehumidifier works to extract moisture from the air, thus preventing mold and mildew growth and eliminating that unhealthy musty smell. A self-draining basement dehumidifier is especially useful, as it will empty any collected water on its own, without the homeowner having to pour out a collection tray several times a week. Simply turn on the self-draining basement dehumidifier, let it work its magic, and forget about it!

Another popular MI basement waterproofing element is a sump pump with a battery backup pump. Even if you already have a basement sump pump installed, a battery backup pump is still recommended. Why? If you ever lose power during a bad rain- or snowstorm, your sump pump will stop working until power is restored. Having a battery backup pump can help you avoid flooding and potential water damage, even if the power goes out.

Once your basement has a system installed you can rest assured that your basement will keep the water out. So don’t wait until after a bad rainstorm that causes severe (and costly) damage to the lower levels of your home. Be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you, and contact a certified Michigan basement systems specialist today!


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