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How Can A Direct Marketing Company Use Order Card Effectively?

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Order cards have held great relevance in direct mail marketing. The sole purpose of the order card is to get the order! In current economic crisis and very competitive market the importance of order cards has increased more. Here are some tips on how to improve the order card:

Some businessmen think that in this age of digital revolution mobile phones and mails are better way to get feedback of the customer. They think that in this modern age cards don’t have any relevance. Some direct marketing companies rely on e-mail or phone to communicate with customers rather than card. Please refrain from it. Wisely drafted card can also play the role of your offer card to your potential customer. Whatever you are offering is summarized in this order-cum offer card.

Order cards consists company contact details including phone numbers, mail id and fax numbers. If your potential customer finds the offer given by you intriguing, then he can contact the company via mentioned contact details. So your order is also the play the role of prospectus to your potential customer.

Always give some offers to your customers through these cards. Give them discount and cash back. Always make a point in drafting cost effective options for loyal customers. These offers make your order card a document which gets most responses from potential customers.

Don’t overload your card by placing high contents on it. Don’t confuse the customer with too many options. Always prefer to put up only 3 or 4 options. Use word ‘free’ as many times as possible. You need to enter into customer’s psyche to know their tendencies.

Its always helps if you add some graphic and rich colors in your card. A direct marketing company can rip great benefits by using attractive cards. Always use intelligent design to make your card stand out.

Specialized content writer can enhance your card’s capacities. It’s always to hire a good specialized content writer. Or you can outsource the work to a direct mail marketing company.

 Cover of card plays vital role. They say a book is judged by its cover. True for card too. People normally judged the authenticity of the card through its order card.

Test color, card stock, and profiled personalization vs. fill-in-the-blanks. Then measure, track and analyze response. If you don’t, you’re not doing direct marketing … you’re doing mailings.

If you can draft personalized offer letters that would be great. A person is always yearning for special attention. Customers are not different. If they feel that you are giving them a special attention. They become easy catch for you. Give your potential customer a special offer. Flood him with discounts. That makes him/her to think, ‘’Wow, this company is giving me a special attention.” If you get successful in creating this feeling in your customer than half battle already done for you.

Apply these easy card tricks and enhance your business possibilities.



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  • Posted On May 9, 2012
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