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How Can an Acting and Movement School, NYC Fuel Your Career?

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Today, there are so many talented actors and performing artists available it’s becoming even more difficult to differentiate yourself amidst the competition.  Everyone can use an extra edge and sometimes attending a private Acting and Movement School, NYC can make all the difference in the world.  Through the development of new skills and discovery of emerging talents the professional growth and personal development that these programs deliver is second to none.

One leading Acting and Movement School, NYC offers a wide range of courses and workshops tailored to empower students in movement, psycho-physical acting techniques, improvisation, and much more through the continued teachings of theater masters such as Jacques Lecoq, Michael Chekhov, Uta Hagan, Viola Spolin, among others.  Founder and Director of CLISAM, John Charles Murphy, offers a powerful array of courses steeped in the masters’ philosophies, but combined with a modern perspective that takes time and events into consideration.  He offers students, from beginners to professionals, opportunities to realize exceptional growth of inner talents and passions to fuel self discovery, inventiveness, and transformation in their rising careers.  Additionally, he also involves industry directors to participate in various critiques and events that also provide a real-world networking platform for exceptional actors and artists to thrive.

Choosing an acting class NYC to enhance and develop personal growth is a strategy that has worked for many successful individuals despite a competitive theater climate.  Selecting a distinguished Acting and Movement School, NYC can provide the individualized coaching necessary to realize breakthrough talents and marketable acting techniques.  Even more importantly, CLISAM also offers a unique opportunity for ambitious and driven actors to meet and receive useful feedback from working directors along with their participation in an acting class NYC or intensive workshop.

Gain a real competitive edge and uncover creative talents and skills that lie within by attending a leading Acting and Movement School, NYC.  Learn more about CLISAM and their upcoming free Trial Workshops, and the Summer Intensive by browsing through their website at  Fuel your acting career with a highly focused, small group of similarly minded individuals and professionals with common goals for self discovery, personal growth, and theater skill development. You never know what potential you might unleash, when you open up your mind, body, and spirit in a safe and creative instructional environment!  Let John Charles Murphy guide you to a more successful position in your acting career and sign up for an acting class NYC now.

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Robert Spelden is an acting student of one of the acting and movement school, NYC, with a heavy focus on classic theatrical and performing arts influences. He prefers to stay abreast of acting class NYC. Robert’s articles often provide insight to the teachings behind modern performing arts curricula.


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