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Several videos over internet are spread that are to guide the technique of lock bumping. These are kind of modified keys that are called master bum key which mean to open the door when the door owner has locked the keys inside or have forgotten them outside anywhere. Numerous videos are spread all over the internet that tells the technique of using this bunch of keys. All of these videos tend to tell the same story with a bit difference in them. One can consult these videos whenever it is needed.

This padlock bump key helps to open the lock of the door in which they are fixed. When key is fixed in the lock then you just need to take the help of a small hammer that is used to push it. When the hit of the hammer will be applied over the lock, it will be opened in no time. The hammer helps to bounce the pin of the key that has been inserted in the lock that helps to open the lock.

There is a drawback of this technique and that is the increasing of burglary chances. This was the main reason for which manufacturers started making bump proof locks instead of lock bump key. Here are two methods of making a home bump proof.

  1. The very first method consists oil which is named as “pick buster”. This oil fills the space between the pin and the key. When the space will be filled, how it is possible that the lock will be bumped. The oil that is put in it is very much dense. This fluid helps to keep the pins in their accurate place.
  2. Second method that can help to stop bumping is called master lock’s bump stop Cylinder Technology which consist in a regular lock. The last pin of this lock will resist not moving when the lock will be tried to bump. If someone tries to bump the lock, all the pins will give response except the last one. The reason is that in this specific kind of lock, last pin has different kind of configurations than all other pins that is the reason for which it resists.

I just hope that this article will help you a lot to have bump proof locks because burglars are always in try to bring out new techniques of robbery. So, better to secure your home in advance.


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