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How do you do a in home meeting?

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People as me, “What do you do?” I answer, “I teach people to be semi-retired. Often after that they will ask me how to I do it? I have to tell them that they caught me on an off day and they will have to catch up with me later.
Once you have peaked the interest of your prospect you can invite them to a in home meeting. If they cannot make that then you can offer a coffee shop meeting or a 3 way call. This article won’t mention those coffee shop meetings or 3 way calls but will be focused on the in home meeting.
For a networking business you want to try and get 3-5 people around the table. You want to teach your distributors to duplicate easily and make an easy home meeting. NO home catering or major foods. This can make it seem hard for a new person to do again and they will get discouraged and not want to try it. Keep it light. Juice and crackers or chips and salsa or something but nothing too expensive or hard to reproduce.
You want your brand new distributor to start having in home meetings in the first 24-48 hours. Keeping the in home can really help keep costs down and also helps improve your percentage of guests showing up.
Step 1. Invite someone to a home meeting. Be the messenger, invite them to hear the story from a 3rd party. Have your prospect agree to this first before you start talking about business to them. There are people that are really willing to go out of the gate running and it’s good to find out where people are.
“When it comes to making money, do you keep your options open?” There is a great opportunity for “us”. “I’m putting together a dream team and I want you to watch my ABC Prime time video about Protandim.” Or whatever your product is will do.
You can mention to someone while talking that “You fit the specifics of the kind of business builder that I am looking for.” “You and Mike will find it AMAZING like Sarrah and I do!
70% of what you say is heard. 55% of whats heard is your body language! Not only do you want to speak clearly but also be relaxed in your speech, comfortable and smiling a lot. It is shown that if you touch people when you are talking with them you can have more of a positive influence on them.
Other ideas to get people to the meeting are saying something like, “I just partnered with a publicly traded company, I really respect your opinion as a business person, I need you to watch the video.”
If they are watching the video at home along you can ask them to take a call after the video so “we can talk.?”
Then after they have watched the video you get them on a 3 way call with your sponsor and it might sound something like this. “Thank you for watching the video! I know you might have some questions, so I have an expert on the phone with me that can answer them.” The next step is to edify this 3rd party and then SHUT UP!
The 3rd party will be the message and you were just the messenger. You may be tempted to correct them and if you do, do so lightly so as to keep their expertise high.
There are a few tips- Stay in touch with your contact! Lightly drip information to them. “I think you’ll find this exciting for Tuesday night meeting.” It may also be helpful to buddy pitch and ask them to go to a dinner before going to your meeting. At the dinner don’t talk about the meeting. Just enjoy the outing.
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