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How do you know you have found True Love?

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Love, as word is extremely exploited in today’s world. While it is commonly used to describe one’s positive emotions towards a variety of objects; it is in reality extremely different from the one that makes your heart-pound, your legs go week in the knees and feel that adrenaline when you see that perfect someone.

Despite all the feelings that the movies try to propagate in the name of love, the truth of the matter is that love is what you feel for that one person in spite of the existence or absence of all things good and mushy. A mature relationship that is built on true love consists of much more than songs, dance and romantic dates –

1. Actually Knowing Your Partner – While ‘falling in love at first sight’ is a very exciting thing to do, love as an emotion is what tends to grow over a period of time while you are in the process of truly getting to know your partner. True love is such that makes you want to be with the person even after knowing the partner with his or her strengths and weaknesses.

2. Life’s Goals – The intention of being in love ideally must be lifelong partnership and companionship. If you believe that you have found the person with whom you wish to unite in holy matrimony, it is important to have complete clarity on your own goals and those of your partner. Do they match? Are your ideologies and belief systems compatible? It is important for both the partners to be in a position to understand the other person’s expectations out of life and make sure you are in the position to support these ideas.

3. Love isn’t only about the ‘mushy’ stuff – True love is not just about the entertainment, romantic dinners, and all the other mushy stuff that books, movies and pop culture talks about. While these pleasures of life have a role to play in the success of any matrimony, there is a lot more that goes into maintaining a life-long and strong partnership with your life-mate.

4. True love is a Commitment – In today’s modern scenario it is highly unlikely that you will be forced to fall in love or marry someone who isn’t of your choice. At the same time, once you have made that choice it is a commitment for life. It is up to you and your partner to build a life for yourselves that is made out of love, trust, faith and strength. Remember to keep all your expectations down and the more giving you will be in the relationship, the more you will get out of it.

A very important and highly underrated exercise among life-partners these days is the importance of maintaining an open communication. The more you talk, the more ideas one shares and the easier it is for your partner to mould into your lifestyle and vice-versa. It is important that you shed all delusions about the ‘perfect love’ and work hard towards building a long-lasting and strong matrimony relationship with your partner.


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