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How Essential Oils Repel Head Lice

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Head lice are running rampant! Keep them away from you and your kids by using essential oils. There are several quality lines of head lice products containing essential oils for use in both head lice prevention and head lice treatment.

In developing her all natural line of preventative head lice products, as well as her lice treatment products, head lice expert Melissa Gordon conducted research on the potency of essential oils and consulted with laboratories that specialize in essential oil product manufacturing. Listed here are some of Ms. Gordon’s more significant findings.

Many Essential oils are known for their insecticidal properties––elements that help control or destroy insects. Essential oils exist in plants to protect them from being eaten by insects and plant eating mammals. Some essential oil components are toxic to the nerves or nervous tissue of specific insects, and act as insect repellents.

There are several preferred essential oils that are most commonly found in head lice shampoo and other head lice products. This is because of the potency of these particular oils and their effectiveness in repelling lice and other insects.

Another important factor is the scents of these essential oils, the way they combine with other ingredients and in combination with each other. The resulting fragrance is important because it needs to be pleasing to people, including kids. Lice, of course, do NOT like these smells.

Dissolvent properties in Tea Tree Oil enable it to penetrate the hard outer shells, or exoskeletons, of insects and smother them. Terpenes (a scientific term referring to any of numerous hydrocarbons (C5H8)n found especially in essential oils…), that are present in tea tree oil act as a bug repellent. Tea tree oil also has healing properties, making it soothing to bites and scratches.

Studies have been done to show that Peppermint Oil will actually cause a line of ants to do an about-face and march the other way! It repels lice, mosquitoes, and other insects too, all the while smelling great to us.

Lavender Oil has healing and soothing properties and is a proven lice repellent. The scent has a calming effect that may aid in relaxation and the reduction of anxiety and stress––good things when battling head lice.

Lemongrass Oil has an appealing, light citrus scent that happens to deter head lice and other insects. Antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent and bactericidal, lemongrass oil, with all of these traits, even sounds clean and refreshing. It’s found in many soaps and household products, and is a desirable ingredient to have in lice shampoo and preventative head lice products.

Head lice travel based on detecting the human scent. By using essential oils infused lice shampoos and other head lice treatment and prevention products, you will alter your own “human scent” and help to protect you and your family from head lice.

Melissa Gordon is the author of this article on Head Lice Treatment.
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