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How Good Is Your Revenue Cycle Management?

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The financial health of clinics and hospitals is endangered when medical claims billing is unsystematic and inefficient.  Declining reimbursements and narrowing profit margins will make it harder to support daily operations and expansions in terms of products and services.


Healthcare revenue cycle management was designed precisely to address difficulties in medical claims billing and related administrative tasks. Healthcare revenue cycle management measures how efficient a hospital is in billing and collection.  It checks whether billing is accurate, and whether collection is fast.  Healthcare revenue cycle management puts a system in place for what is an otherwise tedious process.


So how do you know if your healthcare revenue cycle management is good enough for your hospital and clinic?


Characteristics of Excellent Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

It is the business of certain management firms to provide medical revenue cycle management for hospitals and clinics.  If you are looking for quality healthcare revenue cycle management, be sure to look for software and service providers with adequate experience. Problems in medical claims billing are recurring.  The more experienced a management consultancy firm is, the better they will be at identifying and anticipating possible causes of delay and inefficiencies.


Your healthcare revenue cycle management should likewise be tailor-made to fit your specific needs. Standard medical revenue cycle management is good but customized is better.  Each organization is as unique as the people who lead them and run them on a daily basis. For any healthcare revenue cycle management to be effective, it must be easy for the physicians and staff to interact and co-ordinate with their partner who does the healthcare revenue cycle management on their behalf.


Excellent healthcare revenue cycle management must of course be supported by modern and industry-leading technology. 


Most systems for medical claims billing today are web-based. Being connected online usually means greater accessibility and improved data management. Thanks to advancements in IT, software for medical revenue cycle management can be used by medical professionals wherever they are. They can access it through their mobile devices like PDAs, cellular phones, tablets and so on.


Streamlined healthcare revenue cycle management is cheaper to maintain in the long run.  Maximizing manpower, time and even resources like paper, translates to savings in every transaction. If you are looking for superb healthcare revenue cycle management, you must look into how much operational expense it can save you.  Here are some questions that need to be asked:

1)      Is the system paperless?

2)      Does it save you costs for database management?

3)      Will you have to install software in all computer units or will it be usable from any computer with Internet access?

4)      Can your medical revenue cycle management maximize your manpower?


Invest in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management!


Quality healthcare revenue cycle management can definitely restore the financial health of any hospital or clinic by improving medical claims billing and other related administrative processes. As billing and collection efficiency improves, profits also increase. Quality healthcare revenue cycle management is definitely a worthwhile investment not only for the organization but also for the community.

For more information contact Niruka at 813-890-8004 x 7130 or email at [email protected]  You can also visit our website for more information.


About MGSI:

MGSI, LLC (MGSI), is rated among the top 10% of RCM companies nationwide. MGSI offers unique integrated solutions combining practice management software, physician billing, radiology billing, medical billing services, electronic health records, mobile charge capture and medical document management. Operating since the early 1990’s, MGSI has consistently been able to accelerate the claims process and dramatically reduce the time it takes to bill and collect a practice’s receivables.



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