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How I Reduced My OCD Symptoms by 90%

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Is there an OCD cure? Sufferers of obsessive compulsive disorder, often search for a cure. However, OCD is a chronic condition so it impossible to eradicate completely. However, it can be reduced, often by as much as 90%. Rather than search for an elusive OCD cure, it is better to focus on those activities that will provide an effective treatment for OCD. For example, the truth about OCD program is doing a number of seemingly small activities that together have an exceptionally strong cumulative effect on the condition. It took me twenty years of suffering before I came up with this program.

During this time, I was frantically searching for some way out of the prison that is OCD. I would find some OCD cure treatment occasionally that worked a tiny bit at reducing my OCD. For example, I discovered that always getting a pleasant night’s sleep led to a small (maybe 2%?) reduction in symptoms. Then one day, it dawned on me; maybe there is not one single, straightforward OCD cure that is going to wipe out this condition overnight. However, there are quite a few things that work a little bit. Rather than keep searching for some mythical OCD cure, why not start to do a few things that help a little bit and see where it takes me? I started to develop a program of seemingly small changes and ideas and put them all together.

The result? It went beyond all my expectations. By putting together a few of the things that worked a little bit, I found that the effect in reducing my compulsions went up in an exponential way. Let me explain. Suppose I found something that reduced the condition by 4%. Then something else, that reduced it by 5%. Then something else, that reduced it by 3%. My expectation before I began the program was that 4% plus 5% plus 3% would maybe result in something that added up to around a 12% reduction, in OCD symptoms.

Would you agree with that logic of OCD cure? However, what I found astonished me. This was the real key to the whole system you’re about to discover… I found that when I combined just a few things in a way, over a few months it worked like 4% x 5% x 3% = 60%!!!! Once I had this realization there was no stopping me. I researched a variety of techniques, tips and different ways of thinking and behaving that each seemed to work a little bit as OCD cure.

Some of obsessive compulsive treatment options were just common sense. Some of them were even a bit weird. I discounted many things that I thought might work and found some extremely unexpected things that worked in a surprisingly effective way. I also found that certain elements of the program worked better together than others. Then I put all these ideas into the melting pot. I found that the cumulative effect was so much greater than I ever imagined. A series of ideas all put together in one coherent program, produced results that were mind blowing…my OCD symptoms reduced by 90%.

Steve Chapman is the author of this article on ocd cure.
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  • Posted On May 13, 2012
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