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How International Wine Ratings Affect Vineyard Property Values

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Individual investors are seeking investment opportunities that may be less affected by the recent slowdown in the U.S. economy and in global financial markets. DPEC Partners believes that one of the few sanctuaries left for those who want to pursue an institutional, personal, and economic advantage may be found in real estate in areas of the world that have recognized growth potential, relatively low labor costs, and where the dollar is still strong. Argentina has just that, and DPEC Partners is uniquely positioned to discover undervalued assets and potentially rewarding real estate opportunities. Real estate in Argentina has always been a safe investment, despite experiencing an economic crisis, both domestic and international. A real estate investment in Argentina not only helps investors maintain their capital, but it provides a steady value increment of 5% to 8% per year.

If you chose a good location with potential and some added value that sets it apart, you can expect an appreciation of at least 8% per year … Not bad at all in these times!

But what if, on top of those proven Argentinean conditions and additional potential, you could find a property only comparable to a handful of properties in the entire world, with unique and exclusive characteristics?

We can offer such an opportunity in Argentina at Algodon Wine Estates, located in San Rafael, southern Mendoza. The unique and distinctive condition is that our vines are producing 90 point + Parker rated wines. You can buy land in Argentina and it can appreciate like any other real estate in a growing area, but what if the land is associated with a vineyard where the surrounding property shows increased improvement in the viniculture, grape quality, wine quality, and high ratings on an international scale. Algodon Wine Estates is one of the very few properties in the world where you can own a piece of this.

Additionally, Algodon Wine Estates provides:

  • Limited expansion possibilities pressed by a sustained international and domestic demand
  • An excellent location with San Rafael airport just 15 minutes away
  • Golf course and Championship Tennis Center
  • Future Polo Village with private Lots
  • Boutique Winery in full production managed by prestigious Winemakers
  • Fully working Restaurant and Lodge
  • More than 800 hectares of land (soon to be over 1600 hectares)
  • Residential lots and Private Vineyards
  • Close to 80 years of history at our Finca
  • The Staff, probably one of the best assets of Algodon; when you meet them, you´ll know why we call them and our lot owners, “The Algodon Family”.
  • Full support from our professional team for all your needs; from vinification to home construction.
  • Our tailor made approach to sales and service: We will adapt to your needs, not the other way around!



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Bio: Algodon Wine Estates was recently named one of the world's top vineyard inn's by Frommer's Travel Guide! Now wine lovers can own a piece of our estate, with a custom designed luxury home on a private vineyard, golf or polo estate. Enjoy all the joys of world-class wine production, and leave the winemaking to us.

  • Posted On September 13, 2012
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