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How Microwave Popcorn Maker pops out the ultimate healthy snack

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We all know the stress of hungry children after school. Little hands raiding the pantry and shouting ‘Mum, I’m starving!’. There’s sometimes no time to make a nutritious snack, and it’s all too easy to cave under pressure and serve up packets of oily chips or chocolate biscuits. Well not anymore.

Use microwave popcorn maker to cook your best snack when relaxing following a challenging day at work or school. If you decide on the microwave popcorn maker, your snack will be healthier giving you the opportunity to consume a little extra. Microwave popcorn allows you to have fewer calories and if seasoned, will be great.

With Superstar Popcorn Maker you can make a healthy and wholesome snack in less than 3 minutes.

Just follow these three easy steps:

1.       Simply use the Super Scoop to serve up your desired amount of popcorn kernels.

2.       Pop the kernels by heating them up in the microwave for 2 ½ minutes.

3.       Satisfy yours and your kid’s cravings by munching on this delicious and nutritious microwave popcorn.  Yum!

This miraculous popcorn maker produces healthier popcorn than all other microwave popcorn makers because it requires absolutely no oil while cooking! It’s the perfect after school snack. In fact did you know that a recent study shows that popcorn has more antioxidants in it than fruit or vegetables?  Superstar Popcorn Maker’s advanced energy efficient design makes popcorn popping more economical and healthier. A microwave popcorn popper is the best way to go if you’re watching your calories because of the no grease thing. Microwaves make popping popcorn easy and less messy. There are more advantages such as no maintenance, cost effective, light weight, easy to clean and long lasting.

No more buttery bags of popcorn taking up your pantry storage space. Because of its plastic storage design, The Superstar Popcorn Maker can be easily stored in your pantry without taking up any room. Going on a trip? You can also travel with this easy-to-carry microwave popcorn maker.  

Like all Starmaid products and kitchenware, Superstar Popcorn Maker is made of the finest food grade microwave safe material and is top rack dishwasher safe. It is proudly Australian designed and manufactured, and guaranteed for 5 years.

With top-notch Australian manufacturing and design, easy pantry storage space and producing the healthiest microwave popcorn around, this popcorn maker really is a Superstar. Beware of paparazzi surrounding your house!


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  • Posted On May 8, 2012
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