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How Paging Systems are used in Church Nurseries

Most people go to churches so they could reaffirm their faith and be closer to God. Unfortunately, there are some churchgoers who need to take their infant children with them when they go to church, thereby risking a disturbance to the service when the babies cry. For this reason, many churches set up nurseries so parents need not worry about their children distracting other people

There may be moments however, when your child might need you. A nursery worker might have to contact you in the middle of the church proceedings, which could disturb other people attending the service. To address this issue, some church nurseries have made use of paging systems. These wireless systems are reportedly the most effective and least obtrusive way of communicating with parents who may be in the middle of worship, a church service, or a holy mass.

If you survived corporate life in the nineties, you most likely owned a beeper or a pager; so you would be familiar with the concept of paging systems. In case you don’t know what paging systems are, these are wireless communication systems that send out brief one-way messages to a particular recipient on his pager unit. Today paging technology is still being used in restaurants, hospitals, and lastly, church nurseries.

Unlike the pagers of yore, paging systems that are used in church nurseries are silent. The pager does not even have any lighted displays or alerts which might also cause a distraction. They would, instead, vibrate incessantly to let you know if you are being contacted by a nursery worker for some urgent reason. This type of system also helps maintain your composure in church without the threat of a nursery workers rushing through the congregation to ask you to come quickly because little Leslie has just wet herself.

Most church nurseries employ paging systems because they are very cost-effective. These advanced systems are reportedly very affordable and durable, using rechargeable batteries that could last up to five years. They also come equipped with built-in anti-theft devices. Furthermore, these systems operate in the UHF (ultra high frequency) range of the electromagnetic spectrum to ensure better signals so parents can be immediately notified no matter where they may be on the church grounds.

paging systems are used in church nurseries to give parents peace of mind, knowing that they could be contacted immediately by nursery workers in case of an emergency. No longer will parents have to be embarrassed by their child screaming bloody murder – the collective chagrin of the entire congregation. If you wish to learn more about paging systems, you will find more information by logging on to




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