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How Robust Asphalt Roofs Can Be Against Hailstorm Damage

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After a hailstorm passes, people usually think of, “I’m lucky I didn’t get hit in the head by a fist-sized hailstone” rather than, “I need to check the roof for damage”. Despite the fact that your well-being must be your biggest concern, your home’s well-being must follow on your list of concerns. Hailstones cause a lot of harm to houses here in Orlando, so you may wish to check your roof covering after each and every storm.

Picture the amount of wear and tear throwing a rock onto your roofing would induce; now, visualize that rock being launched by a rifle. Wind gusts that bear hailstones carry a great deal of power that big-enough hailstones might hit your roof covering with enough pressure to bore large openings. In some cases, you probably won’t even know you’ve got a hole in your roof until it’s too late. This is the reason after-storm inspections are necessary.

This doesn’t mean that every hailstorm will damage your house; it would still be determined by the size of hailstones that pelt your roof. Rooftops are built to stand up to whatever the harsh weather toss at them, but only to a certain degree. So even though your roofing wasn’t broken, would you really consider the risks that come with not knowing for certain?

One method to detect roof damage is to check the other areas of the house. Hailstones that are large enough to damage your roof structure are also commonly large enough to bring about injury to other things, such as your walls, fence, or even your car. If you discover dents or dimples on any of these areas, there’s a good chance your roofing has received some wear and tear also.

Storm period in Orlando typically occurs during summer months. Intense heat in the morning and throughout the day gives way to severe thunderstorms throughout the afternoon and all throughout the night. This is why Orlando roofing contractors recommend that households have their roofing checked frequently, most ideally from the outset and at the end of the summer season.

Then again, if you know your roof structure is already broken, don’t wait for the end of the season to get in touch with the kind of roofing contractors Orlando homeowners rely on. If you find roofing shingles on your garden, or pulverized roofing material in your rain gutters, then it’s time to call for professional help.

Here’s another query house owners ask pros in roofing Orlando house owners rely on: repair or replace? The guideline is this: if the price of maintenance amount to 80% of the value of replacement, then upgrade the whole roofing. For more information, you can visit


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