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How to Avoid Account be Closed in Diablo 3

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It seems the voice of Diablo 3 Asian players has caused the attention of Blizzard, titles initiatives, recently more and more account number were closed. In some Diablo 3 forum, many players began to complain to Blizzard mistakenly closure of the account.

How average player should be to avoid being “manslaughter”? The author summarizes some considerations below:

1.Do not buy gold in a third-party platform.

The “black gold” break out by Plug-in (or bug) is marked, if you took a lot of black gold from the problem account, then you naturally become a problem account.

2. Do not hang 2 billion, 1.9 billion items in the auction house.

If the money break out by the plug-in is “black gold”, then the action that goldsmith use “black gold” to buy large amounts of equipment in the auction house is a typical “money laundering”.

3. Recently do not use a third-party plug-ins and accelerator.

Third-party tools is banned by Blizzard, this time against the wind to commit crimes is very unwise. Third-party gap including a key facelift class, modify fonts interface and so on. In addition, the accelerator also belong to the scope of third-party plug-ins (and will cause the IP anomaly) we proposal to suspend use it.

4. Do not share an account by many people in many places.

Many people using the same account in different places (especially switch between the United States, Asia server frequently) will lead to the account login record exception. If no necessary, one better owns one account.

5. Do not be lose account by goldsmith

Some goldsmith unauthorized use player’s account, to play money in a different server. For example, they embezzle account of the U.S. players but fight money in the Asian service (or vice versa), in which case players will not feel abnormal, but in fact, on the other side of the Earth, they were service for goldsmith.

There are a large number of accounts embezzled by goldsmith, and you should to make sure that you are in the normal characters of the three servers in the United States, Asia and Europe.


From the author’s years of experience, Blizzard is still relatively cautious in closing account, players can play games relieved if they do not violate the user agreement,.

In general there are two cases for Blizzard close account, one is permanent ban, and the other is “frozen”. If it is frozen, players can get account back through the complaint. If it is a “permanent ban”, you despair it. For the permanent ban account, Blizzard bound to has mastered sufficient evidence (just not necessarily tell you), you cannot win Blizzard in a lawsuit.

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