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How to Build Your Own Window Box

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Living in a city or an apartment can be an exciting experience, but those living there usually have a difficult time planting flowers. However, a window box will allow a person to grow beautiful flowers right outside of their windows. They do not take up an enormous amount of space and are perfect for those living in tight spaces.

People can find a variety of window boxes at their local garden centers, or build one themselves. The benefit of building one is that it will fit perfectly on your window and will not cost an exorbitant amount of money. In fact, they are very easy to build even for those with very little woodworking experience.

Before any building can begin, you will need to measure the window sill where the box will be placed. This will allow you to build a window box that will be sturdy and able to fit on your sill perfectly.

Now, it is time to head to your local hardware store and purchase the wood for your project. Cedar is a popular option amongst window box builders and is always readily available. Once the wood is chosen, you will need to measure out the amount you need and cut it to your window sill’s measurement. Joining blocks can be used to attach the sides of the wood to one another. Those who are looking for more of a challenge can try using joints to connect all of the box’s sides together. When the sides are all joined, add waterproof glue around the base of the box. This will ensure that soil placed in the box will not leak out.

The window box will look very bland at this point and can be adorned with decorations Paint can also be used on the outside of the box. The inside can also be painted, but some paints are toxic to herbs and plants. This will not be ideal and should be considered before painting the inside. The outside can also be treated, which will give it a nice look.

When the box is aesthetically pleasing, drainage holes will have to be drilled on the bottom. These holes will allow water to flow out of the box. Once the holes are drilled, the inside of the box should be lined with a plastic window box liner. Weed cloth should be placed over the drainage holes. This will keep the soil inside the box, while water can still seep through the holes.

Now, you are ready to attach the window box to the window sill. Two inch screws and angle brackets should be attached to the wall outside of the window. Once they are properly secured, it is time to attach the window box to the brackets. Affix the window box to the brackets and ensure that the window box is secure.

The window box is now ready to be filled with soil and compost. Ideally, it will be filled to a little bit below the top of the box. Now, all that is left to do is plant your flowers or herbs and watch them grow.

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