If you have a laptop, it may be your right arm. You take it with you wherever you go, and that’s one of the sole reasons you use a laptop–it’s portable. But if you live in a warm climate, or it’s summertime where you live, caring for your laptop in hot weather is crucial to a long and reliable laptop life. And if you have mac, it will the some to your mac,

1. Purchase a cooling pad and/or laptop stand. When on a flat surface, air can’t circulate under your mac, which makes it overheat. ?

2. Avoid using a Mac on a bed or fabric surface ? Anything soft doesn?t allow for sufficient heat dispersion and can even block the air ventilation on many portable Macs, try to always use a Mac on a hard surface of wood, metal, or glass. As an mac user and if you also have an ipad, then it is a usual thing for you to transfer music from ipad to mac .

3. Maintain a level temperature in your home or office. By using air conditioning in your home or at work, your mac can remain in a cool environment. Air conditioning also helps to eliminate moisture in the air from humidity, moisture that can damage your laptop.

4. Consider using a removable hard drive. You can protect your data on your mac from the hot weather by using a hard drive that you can remove and take with you when you must leave your laptop temporarily exposed to the elements.

If you?re in extreme heat and you have got your mac very hot, then you can make your hot mac cool by adjustinh your power settings from “high performance” to a more “balanced” or “power saver” plan. This will tell the system to only use the power required to run your applications, rather than always using the maximum processor speed; if you need to play games or other intensive work, you can switch back to the high performance plan as necessary.

as an apple lover, you may have an itunes account and you may want to put movies on itunes , and then sync them to your apple device.


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