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How to Choose a Location for a Water-Sport Packed Weekend

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Water sports offer the perfect weekend or holiday activity for groups of family or friends. There are many destinations out there advertising their activities such as river tubing which can make it difficult to choose the best location for your group. There are a couple of things that set the best apart from the rest which is what you should be looking for to ensure that you have a safe, exciting time.

Availability of courses

When traveling in a group, not all members will have equal skill levels. Choosing the wrong vacation destination for water sports can mean some of the group members being left out, especially for skilled activities such as scuba diving. Choose a destination that offers beginner courses for the activities you intend on taking part in to ensure that each group member is included.

Equipment rental

You may not have all the equipment you need for water sports and activities, or it might not be practical to bring them to the location with you. A good host should have rental options to ensure that you are not disappointed. In addition to this, the rental equipment should be high-quality, well serviced and safe for use. It may be worth checking and booking for rental equipment before-hand to ensure that it is available for use upon arrival.

Offers and package deals

Package deals and offers ensure that you save money especially when traveling in large groups. Lodges that offer package deals not only offer value for money, but are more likely to cater to guest’s special requests. A business that prioritizes on its customers means that it is dedicated to ensuring that you have the best time possible.

Partner networks

Lodges with partner networks are able to offer better and more diverse services. Check the business website to find out what other local lodges or businesses they partner with. You are also more likely to get discounts on activities not offered by the lodge you are staying in such as horse riding, mountain biking and so on.

Trained eye for the weather and group skill levels

This is especially important for potentially dangerous activities such as cave diving. A good host should have a trained and certified expert to keep an eye on the group’s safety. Such a person is able to organize safe adventures for the entire group regardless of age and skill level. A group-oriented guide is also better able to assess and react properly to emergency situations.


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