At some point of time in the recent past, mens shaving has ceased being a ritual. There was a time when fathers took great pride in passing down tips for a clean shave to their sons. In some ways, advertising and media have killed traditions like father and son discussing the best shaving products. Sons believe the advertisements and convince fathers to do things their way.

 Choosing your Products

 Is a shaving brush a must have? To answer this question, you should understand the role of a brush in shaving for men. A brush actually hydrates your shaving cream. When you work up a rich lather with your brush, you get the shaving cream or pre shave oil under all your whiskers in readiness for a cleaner shave. There are two types of shaving brushes you can choose from. One made with boar hair and the other badger hair. The ones with badger hair exfoliate and create richer lather. The badger hair brushes are more expensive.  But you won’t regret splurging on one. As for the shaving cream, choose one which has a higher percentage of natural ingredients. It should nourish your skin and soften your beard. Now, the main tool – the shaving razor, you will probably want to try out the different types of razors available in the market before you decide on one you are comfortable with.

 The process

 The right time to shave is immediately after a shower. The hot water will have softened your whiskers and the irritation after shaving is considerably less. If you don’t have time for a shower, soften your whiskers with a hot towel. Apply a bit of shaving cream for men on your pre-soaked brush. Apply to your face and using swirling motions to work up a thick lather. Use your shaving razor to shave in the direction of hair growth or with the grain.

 Tips for a Better Shave

 If you shave against the grain, you may get ingrown hair. Don’t try to remove the beard in the first stroke. The aim here is beard reduction. Go for removal with subsequent strokes. When you try to remove the beard in a single stroke you naturally apply more pressure. The result is skin irritation. The purpose of aftershave for men is to reduce skin irritation. Shaving for men contains antiseptics that prevent your nicks or cuts from getting infected.  They also contain moisturizers and leave you smelling fresh and looking healthy.

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