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How to Choose the Color for Your Logo?

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Color is a very important component of every logo. The color can change the idea of a logo, whether complementing or spoiling it. The color gamut of a logo must correspond to the subject area of your business. It should enhance its expressiveness, marking out the important parts and masking the secondary ones.

How many colors should be present in a logo?
Normally, there should be not more than 2-3 main colors. When there are more colors, it becomes difficult to define the company’s sphere of operation. However, this rule does not work in some cases, when company’s job is dealing with colors. For example, printing companies or photo centers may use color palette in their logos to create associations with what they are doing.

What do colors mean?
It is well known that colors have a psychological influence on people. This influence is quite specific and works the same for everyone not depending on the fashion. When we look at some color, we have a certain association that is connected with an established meaning of it. Here are the examples of our associations with different colors.

Blue color means calmness and serendipity. It embodies the bonds that we have with other people, the feeling of society and unity. In an ordinary life it is associated with faithfulness. It is above time, that’s why it is used as a symbol of traditions and eternal values 
Associations: infinity, eternity, truth, diplomacy, faithfulness, cleanness

Yellow color makes the impression of joy. It symbolizes the heat of the sun, the hope for happiness in all forms. It is always directed to the future, to the creation and development.
Yellow is rarely used for logos as it doesn’t make sufficient contrast with white paper being unsuitable for printed materials. But it is widely used in a combination with dark colors: black, blue and green. Note: yellow is the most visible and bright color of the spectrum. It is the first color to be processed by human eye.
Associations: color of the sun, intelligence, intuition, faith and lightness, communication. 

Red symbolizes energy of life, nervous activity, urge for achievements, success. Also it means will to win, impulsivity. Red has the strongest impact among all colors. It provokes appetite and arouses desire.
Associations: passion, power, confidence, will.

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