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How to Choose the Right Nursing Bra ?

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In the lactation period, normal Bras cause discomfort to the nursing mother as it has to be taken off again and again. To prevent the barrier to the comfortable breast feeding and to be a support to the bond between the mother and the child, Nursing Bras are available in the market. The ease of use with Nursing Bras makes breast feeding not a cumbersome experience but a moment when the mother feels bonded with the new born.  

Comfort Is All That Is Desired
Nursing Bras with pre-formed cups are easy to open as they have adjustable clips. Such Bras can be undone and worn without much effort. It is better for a women to start wearing Nursing Bras from the eight or the ninth month of pregnancy as by that time, the breast gets augmented. To prevent the risk of reduction in the flow of milk due to ill-fitted Bras it is better to wear one cup size larger than that is preferred normally. In properly designed Nursing Bras, the under bust bands are close to the first or the second row of hooks to make the wearer feel comfortable.

Important To Consider
It is suggested that wearing one cup size larger than the current bra size during the period of nursing. The under bust band should close on the first or second row of hooks, allowing no extra width. Restricting the breasts with an improper fit could reduce the flow of milk.

Nursing Bras have many other features to ensure the comfort of the wearer. Cotton microfiber, cotton knit, under wiring, padded straps, adjustable straps, etc., are some of the features ensuring comfortable fit of the Nursing Bra. Inner protection for extra wide opening allows the women to stretch the Nursing Bra to an extent without any chance of tear. Nursing Bras with padded cups are highly preferred under the T-Shirts to conceal the teats and to soak the extra flow of milk to some extent.

Breasts get heavy with milk at times when the mother has not fed the child for a long time. In such situations, in order to give support to the engorging Breasts it is better to wear Nursing bras than the normal Bras. Many women feel that Nursing Bras are not as sensuous as other Bras but they are surely the demand of the lactation period and necessary for the comfort and health of the lactating mother.

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