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How to Clean Fabric Chairs with No Codes

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Fabric chairs are a great addition for every home. They create a cosy environment and look great. Most of these chairs come with special codes, written on the label, which inform what is the type of the fabric. Moreover, these codes help people to identify the fabric of their chairs and select what cleaning methods to use for the regular maintenance of this type of furniture. Unfortunately, there are also upholstered chairs, which do not have labels. In this case, you should find the best cleaning technique for your needs by yourself.


The problem is that fabric chairs are made of different fabrics that require different treatment. And if you do not have such directions how to keep it clean, what would you do?! Well, in this case there are a few alternatives to use. And our cleaners from London will share them with you in the next lines.

1. Pay extra attention to fabric chairs with no codes on their labels. The first thing is to examine the fabric to see whether you are familiar with it and can you take the risk of cleaning it by yourself. The safest way to clean such type of upholstery is to vacuum the surface with some soft bristled attachment. Just remove the cushions first then vacuum to clean all the dust and dirt collected into the fabric of your chair.

2. Gently brush the cushions and the entire fabric surface of the chair. To clean stubborn stains or any other sort of spots just take a detergent specially designed for upholstered furniture and test it on some hidden area of the fabric first. For instance, you can test the cleaner on some small area under the cushion of the chair. If a discolouration or some other damage appears after the test, do not use the detergent to clean your fabric chairs.

3. To remove spots on the fabric use some water-based cleaning solution. Spray the detergent on the spot, then damp at the stain with a clean, soft towel. Cleaners in London advise to read the manufacturer’s instructions, written on the bottle of the detergent carefully. Then follow the directions. Do not forget to test the cleaner on some hidden area of the fabric before cleaning the entire piece of furniture.





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