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How to clean the diamond blade

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Diamond blades are power tools used to cut through the concrete, masonry, brick, asphalt, tile and other solid materials. The diamond blade is used in cutting through tough things and after prolonged usage it must be cleaned well.


A diamond blade can be powered by hydraulic or pneumatic pressure or even electricity. The blade cores are precision made with slots that provide extra faster slicing of the required things. Those blades must be cleaned every day but can it be just wiped with any ordinary manner. You certainly do want to know more details about cleaning it isn’t it?


This one has got a unique method to be cleaned .The essential part is in the cleansing of the diamond blade’s filters .It’s because an extremely dirt filled filter in a diamond blade fitted concrete saw leads to the breakage of the saw and it is hence advisable for construction workers to change the diamond blades ‘filter during the peak of the construction season.


Some of the concrete filters have two filters, one might be the oil impregnated one and it might be tempting to use alcohol or gasoline to clean the filter. Doing all these would only lead you to be feeling sad with the sudden breakage or short life of the filter which is washed this way. It’s hence wise to really spend some money to replace the filter.


The second filter of these diamond blades is the accordion paper filter .This is rather an inexpensive stuff and this could be easily replaced with a new one .Now comes the larger parts like the cooling fan starter assembly and it needs to be washed with a gush of water so that all the fine dirt’s stuck upon its rims could just come off.


You can also expect a lot of dust in the engine cooling fins and throttle linkages. A plain cloth must be used to wipe off such dark pitted dust particles. One needs to be extra cautious while handling such complex yet sharp inner parts of the diamond blade. A slight carelessness might lead to one point where you might be experiencing pains in your hands as well.


So whenever your diamond blade starts to exhibit a dull sound then it indicates clearly that it must be cleaned. Clean it every day and you would be surprised to see how consistently yet effectively it just chips through the tough concrete materials.


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