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How to Clean Your Alloy Wheels

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First impression matters the most, especially when you have a fancy car, but the rims are dusty and not as clean as they should be. Washing your car is a must but sparkling alloy wheels is the little thing that you miss to do. Here is how to clean your alloy wheels and make your car look incredible.

Wheels are made of metal that can eventually get corroded. You should try to avoid that and get down to cleaning. For making the rims shiny you should get into the habit of cleaning them as often as you clean the car. Whether you are wondering how come domestic cleaning London representatives have cars striking with cleanliness. It is all a matter of care and maintenance, so let’s make you a proud car owner.

Road salts can ruin the shine of your rims. Get a sponge. Make sure it is not abrasive as it will leave terrible scratches. 

A microfiber cloth is best for drying the rims. A tooth brush will help you reach all edges. Citric acid and a bucket of water to remove and rinse the rims. 

Let the cleaning begin. Take the alloy wheels off. They are thus easy cleanable. Best cleaning results are achieved when the rims are cleaned every 6 months, so take them off twice a year and get them sparkling again.

Even though the hosepipe ban is affecting us, you can try rinsing the rims with a sponge soaked in water. Jet washing is effective but you are not allowed to do this anymore. Loosen the dirt by getnly scrubbing the rim with some baking soda on a soft cloth.

Clean brake dust, too. It will reveal some spots that you can work on later applying some heavy duty cleaners.

Apply some extra elbow grease, it is worth the efforts. Use the toothbrush on the corners that you cannot reach. Spray with water and repeat. 

Domestic cleaning in London executives  recommend using acid solutions, but with care. They can cut through all the build-up nice and slow leaving the rims spotless. But they are also strong enough to remove the lacquer polish. This can lead to corrosion. Use  citric acid instead. Food shops offer a wide range of natural acids that you can safely use. Rub well and let it react for a couple of minutes and scrub. Repeat again if necessary. 

Dry the rim with the microfiber cloth. Repeat until the rim is completely dry.

The next step is maintenance. Once you have cleaned them well, make the shine stay for longer. Use wax to seal the sparkle, or apply a wheel protection spray. It is necessary in order to avoid corrosion caused by salts. Cleaning is just the beginning. The process is complete when the protection layer is on.



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