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How to Do a Used Car Inspection by Walking Around

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When you choose a used car from dealers, it is a must that you thoroughly inspect the vehicle. This can pose challenges if you’re not that savvy with cars and don’t know much about engines and body conditions. But like anything you buy, you always want to look at it inside and out to ensure that you get a good deal.

Inspecting a used car for sale is a basic necessity, especially if you’re living in populous cities like Saskatoon. Many of its residents are car owners and use their vehicles for travel to connecting provinces like British Columbia or Manitoba. Fortunately it doesn’t require a rocket science degree to learn how to inspect a used vehicle. Consider these tips on how to do so by simply walking around a car lot.

Begin by making a full sweep of the used car; look for obvious signs of damage, dents or scratches. See if the car leans unnaturally on whichever side, or if any of its wheels cause one side to stick out farther than the other. While moving your head from side to side, search for creases, dings, or even wavy panels.

Afterwards, it’s time to get up close and personal with the used car. Let your hand run through each side, over the roof and trunk. This is to feel for any differences in surface, cracks in the paint, or even rust. If you feel any difference in texture, that can be due to previous bodywork on the vehicle or possibly weather damage.

Then it’s time to read between the lines or to look at the space between panels of the car. Similar to what car dealers in Saskatoon do, examine the small gaps between the trunk and the fenders on each side. If the right side of the fender is over one inch while the left side has a gap of about 1/8 of an inch, it’s a sign the hood was entirely replaced.

Like the car dealers Saskatoon residents prefer, scrutinize the tires as well. If the rubber has little or no “lines” or creases in-between them, it’s time for a new set. If the outside of the tire looks new but the inside is bald, that means the vehicle either needs an alignment or there is a problem with the suspension.

The next time you visit car dealerships in Saskatoon to buy a used car, do a quick preliminary check of the vehicle by walking around it. Or you can bring a mechanic friend with you to give it a thorough and more comprehensive check. Read more about used cars and how to assess them from and


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