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How to Find a Good Psychic Medium

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The question “How do I find a good psychic medium?” comes up in conversation often after watching tv shows such as Long Island Medium and Crossing Over with John Edward. The thought crosses the mind of thousands to book a reading with famous psychics such as Theresa Caputo and John Edward because they have seen their work on tv and believe in their psychic abilities.

So once you find out that they are booked solid for a few years and you will not be able to get an appointment for a psychic reading what do you do. How do you find a good psychic medium to give you a reading that you know you can trust and is honest? Asking the advice of friends, family and co-workers could help you find the best psychic in your area. If you ask around and no one around you has an interest in psychics or does not know of a good one the next way to search is through the internet.

You have to be very cautious when looking for a psychic online because you could end up wasting a lot of money. One of the main things that I have found helpful is using a psychic that has a storefront or office where they meet with clients in person as well as over the phone. This sole factor does not make them a good psychic automatically but it is a step in the right direction.

When you go to get your reading you want to make sure not to give away too much information about yourself. It is easy to guess around at what is happening or how people around you feel when too much information is revealed. It can actually take away from the reading even if it is a good psyshic. Sometimes logic and common sense can be mistaken for psychic feelings.

Another thing to look for is how available that psychic is to take your appointment. If a psychic is available right away all of the time, they probably do not have a lot of repeat clients which speaks volumes. Good psychics have a large following with most of their clients getting more than one reading per year.

If the psychic is part of an association then that is also another good sign that the person you are about to have a reading with is a good psychic. As long as the association does not accept everyone (and you can read the disclaimers) it shows that the psychic has gone through extensive verification.

I would recommend the following psychics. They are amazing:

  1. Andrew Anderson –
  2. Cynthia Becker –
  3. Cynthia Cooper –
  4. Wendy Piepenburg –
  5. Laura Ginn –

All in all it is always good to do research before you make an appointment with a psychic medium so that you can go into your reading with positive thoughts. Keep sending positive energy into the atmosphere and it will come around to you.


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