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How To Find The Best Price For Your Used Office Furniture In Bay Area

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There may be several reasons behind your decision to sell off your used office furniture in the Bay Area including chairs, desks and conference tables. Maybe your organization is going through a financial crisis and planning to shut down the business completely. You might be shifting your office to another localation in Bay Area and won’t prefer to carry over all the old office furniture in use now. Or, you may be regularly getting complaints from employees about uncomfortable chairs and old fashioned desks and want to upgrade it fast.

Whatever may be the reason, don’t drop off your old office furniture in Bay Area dump sites. If your furniture is in good condition, it’s better to sell it and get a good price for it. You’ll reduce waste and avoid putting more pressure on the environment. It also helps you to save a few dollars for furnishing your newly set up business or office.

If you are seeking to get the best value for your used office furniture in Bay Area, follow the tips that are given below.

Cleanup Your Old Office Furniture Properly

It will take less time to find a buyer who can pay a good price if your office furniture in Bay Area is not stained or have tea or coffee ring marks and your chairs aren’t filled with dust, dirt and crumbs. Just take your time to clean up the tables, cabinets and chairs properly and brush off any sticky dirt, dust or crumb deposited in the joint areas. Vacuum off upholstered furniture pieces regularly and treat them with warm water and liquid soap to stain off the strong marks.

Go For Minor Repair Or Fixes On Your Used Office Furniture

Probably, you may not be ready to devote time and energy in refurbishing your used office furniture in Bay Area in full scale. You should try to make minor fixes or repairs on these old furniture before putting them for sale. Replace or tighten screws on loose arm-sets and table legs, re-fix any broken or dangling parts to desks and tables, and apply a little amount of WD-40 on squeaky pieces. If you can, reassemble the original parts before showing the old office furniture in Bay Area to the potential buyers.

Estimate The Price You Would Like To Have For Your Furniture

After thorough cleanup and minor repairs of your used office furniture in the Bay Area, you are required to estimate a price for selling it. Don’t set an impossible price unless you have minimally-used, sophisticated furniture. Things to keep in mind while deciding the sales price of your old office furniture in the Bay Area are what are the materials of the furniture (wood, vinyl plastic, glass, etc.), how good is its condition (don’t expect more for the worn out pieces), design (contemporary ones will drive more money than the traditional pieces) and how much it they cost you initially.

Include Your Furniture Image In An Online Advertisement

If you plan to grab the attention of buyers through online advertisements, you should include the images of your used office furniture in Bay Area listings. Pictures will always help you in getting a good response for the proposed sale.

Contact Professional Used Furniture Dealer Or Use Print Media

By contacting professional used furniture dealers or consignment shops, you will be able to dispose of your old furniture fast. They will come, inspect and offer you a price for a specific furniture piece they want to purchase and would also transport it for you. The offered price may not meet your expectation but you can certainly avoid the hassle of finding a right buyer. You can also use traditional print media or yard sale to advertise the sale of your used office furniture in Bay Area by giving out all basic details including price, images, conditions, etc.

Negotiate Skillfully With The Potential Buyers

Though you might have asked for a fair price, you won’t be able to sell off your furniture for the right price unless you negotiate skillfully with potential buyers. It might get difficult to sell your furniture for the original price. So, get ready to cut down the price a little and make adjustments to the buyer’s budget.


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