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How to get Quickly loaded websites with PSD to CSS Conversion?

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In today’s hyper competitive world, there is a cut throat competition among websites to stay ahead of each other. With the increase in the number of sites everyday, the competition has grown tougher. In order to survive in such a competitive domain, it is imperative for a website to be robust and unique. It should have the requisite features which enable it to set itself apart from other competitors. One of the most important features which a website must possess is a less loading time. Search engines index sites which take less time to load. With PSD to CSS/HTML conversion, you get a quickly loaded website. Read further to find out how.

PSD to HTML/CSS is a reliable and a highly preferred conversion which guarantees a quickly loaded website. PSD to CSS is a wonderful conversion technique which helps in creating light web pages. If the web pages are light, the site will automatically take less time to load.

This conversion also helps in separating the style from the content. This helps in making a website look more presentable and visually appealing. Also, it helps in improving the usability, credibility, and the user experience by linking widths, heights, and margins of the HTML page to the same CSS file. Thus CSS helps in centralizing the web content by separating it from layout. and makes a site load quickly.

To ensure that you get a quick loading site from PSD to HTML CSS conversion, you should follow some important steps. First of all, instead of using Flash or Javascript, you should rather create a CSS menu. This is because Javascript and Flash increase the load time. And remember, search engines do not index websites which take time to load. Whereas, CSS navigation is quite user friendly and helps in reducing the load time. It will ensure that your site and its content is crawled by search engine spiders.

Always place the CSS code in an external file. Do not put it in your web page. By placing CSS code in an external file, you can easily reduce the code clutter. This will eventually improve the speed of your web pages. When it comes to performing well and staying in the competition, speed matters a lot. It ensures that your website gets the due attention from visitors and major search engines. It also helps in keeping your site in business. It also ensures a good search engine ranking, thereby ensuring a good volume of traffic and a good conversion rate as well.

From the above discussion it is quite evident that PSD to XHTML/HTML/CSS helps in developing faster websites with light web pages. However, it must be remembered that this is a complex conversion and requires good coding skills and experience. Therefore, you should always hire a professional and a reliable conversion service provider who is capable of providing a quick loading website. Always check the credibility of the service provider before hiring to ensure that you get quality results.


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  • Posted On April 11, 2012
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