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How to Get Rid of Acne Successfully with Accutane?

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So many people all over the world suffer from severe acne. The name of Accutane is popular and almost everyone has heard of it. However, those ones who have a problem skin really doubt about the effect of this remedy. Is it really helpful? In fact, the most part of patients notice the effect and are happy to say that their skin is much better. Nevertheless, there are also people who suffer from unwanted reactions of their bodies. Side effects are the main reason why Accutane still occupies precarious position in modern medicine. This drug is really efficient but not everyone wants to risk his health to prove this fact.

Clear skin is luxury nowadays. Bad ecology, unhealthy food, cosmetics with harmful stuffs, stresses and disorders of the digestive system, lack of good sleep and vitamin deficiency – these factors influence our skin greatly. When we notice brash on the nose or cheek, it may be the first signal of health problems.
If your doctor prescribes you Accutane, learn as much a possible about this preparation. Ask a specialist about possible side effects, contradictions, combination with other medicines. Never disregard doctor’s recommendations! A common dose is 1 tablet of Accutane.

The daily dose should be divided into two equal doses, which must be taken throughout the day. Accutane should be taken with food, because food promotes its absorption. A patient needs to make a break of at least two month between courses of Accutane.
There is also generic Accutane. That’s the same medicine. Generics are of the same composition, but may differ in color and taste. Their price is much lower in comparison with the original brand. They are worth trying.

Accutane often becomes the last resort for those ones who have lost the hope to gain good results. Doctors usually ask for analyses results, possible diseases and allergies before prescribing this medication. It is important because serious side effects may cause irreversible changes in your body.
It is also important to say that Accutane cannot be taken by pregnant women. It is strongly prohibited as it may cause serious congenital defects or even death of a child. Accutane for women in this period is as dangerous as Propecia, for instance.

In spite of terrible side effects and contradictions, Accutane is considered to be the most efficient remedy against acne and is legally prescribed by doctors.

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