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How to Get Set Items in Diablo 3?

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Comparing with Legendary items, the set items is another very rare items in game, which is very valuable in D3, so how to get Set Items in Diablo 3?

Set items are similar to legendary items except they also provide additional properties if you equip items of the same set. Some set items can be crafted by an Artisan after finding corresponding recipes or dropped as regular loot at end-game. (buy diablo 3 gold )

As more and more people hit level 60, it is becoming apparent that Blizzard may have drastically and unintentionally trivialized end-game weapons and items. Relatively common Magic weapons found on vendors and elite packs are cropping up at very fast rates, and they are better than the best Legendaries in the game.

All that is needed to get the highest DPS weapons in the game is to hit level 60 and kill a few inferno packs and hope a weapon drops with a + damage mod on it (these are relatively common).

How to get Set Items in Diablo 3? When do set and legendary items start dropping?

It is not at all surprising to not encounter any legendary or set items on the first runthrough, but it is only because they are so rare. There isn’t a point where they start having a chance to drop.

I have played about 200 hours now and have found exactly 2 legendary items. I do not know if it is intentional, but to me they are actually harder to spot than normal items when they do drop, orange/gold blends a little better than white. So maybe there were others that dropped and i missed them. I couldn’t tell you what dropped the first legendary item, but it was in Normal. When I saw it on the ground I was amazed that it was just lying there in orange i think it just said Gloves. anyway, the second one wasn’t until Hell, and it came out of a barrel or something, not a monster or chest, and I had +113% Magic Find.

If you want a whole set, your best bet is the Auction House. Set items are legendary items as well, so again, they have the potential to be the best (since you also get the set bonus along with all the random affixes), but it will largely depend on which random affixes they get. (diablo 3 gold )

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  • Posted On July 10, 2012
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