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How to give up smoking in the right way

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People know that smoking is harmful to the body and if long-term is even life threatening but it seems nobody heeds the warning. Quit smoking is to point to the disturbingly high to quit smoking, through the initiative or passivity quit smoking method, may be chemical, physical and spiritual quit smoking method, remove the smoking behavior. The following are the tips that I shared with my friend.
1. Quit smoking from now on, completely quit smoking or gradually reduce the number of smoking method, usually three to four months to be successful.
2. Throw away smoking appliance, such as cigarette lighter, the ashtray, the cigarettes, reduce your “reflex”.
3. Resolutely refused to cigarettes to lure, often remind oneself, then a cigarette smoking is enough to erase any of the plan. Avoid the usual habit of smoking in place or activities.
4. After dinner drink water, fruit or a walk, get rid of the idea of a cigarette after dinner. Don’t drink excitant drinks, change drink milk, fresh fruit juice and grains drinks. Can eat a variety of vitamin B group, can stable nerve away with nicotine
5. When smoking addiction, immediately breathing activity, or chew sugar without chewing gum, avoid to use the snack instead of cigarettes, otherwise it will cause high blood sugar, the body too fat. Get outside for a walk after the meal, do take a deep breath 15-30 minutes
6. Tell someone that you have to give up smoking, don’t give you cigarettes, and don’t smoke before you.
7. Write down you think reasons to stop smoking, such as to their own health, for family consider, to save money, and so on, carry, when you made smoking addiction can take out told myself.
8. Make a plan to quit smoking, reduce the number of their smoking every day.
9. Arrange some sports activities, such as running, swimming, fishing, etc. On the one hand may ease the mental tension and pressure, on the other hand, it can avoid the mind of the spent more on smoking.
10.When you have the urge to want to smoke, drink water can be used to control, or by Tibetan do tea bubble grass to drink, can have twice the result with half the effort to stop smoking.
11.When you really think quitting smoking is difficult, can look for professional consulting a doctor for help, get the support from my family and friends to quit smoking also is very important.
All of the above do quit smoking is no problem, it is important to have the perseverance.




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