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How to Help Children in Abstaining From Diabetes Type 2

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There were days when diabetes type 2 was known as the adult disease, as in those days no single case was found in which a child would be suffering from diabetes type 2, but now it preys children too. A recent report has divulged the fact that about to four thousand new cases of diabetes type 2 in children have been found.


Medical experts are clueless about increasing cases of diabetes type 2 amongst children and they are unable to provide exact answer of the question- why? They reply that it might be cause of obesity epidemic. This is why many medical practitioners prescribe parents to take care of the weight of their children in case if they found the children overweight. Many doctors have view that a child born by a mother who had gestational diabetes during her pregnancy are at higher risk of this disease.


As you see your child facing problems as soon tiredness, over thirst, increased urination, or darkening of skin, it would be better for you to consult a medical practitioner for fasting glucose screening test and in case it is found that your kid is diabetic then take proper diabetes and heart disease for him.


Remember, childhood type 2 diabetes can be prevented from making your child its victim by you and your family. The best care to avoid this problem would be to encourage your child to live an active life: ask him to play outdoor games, do morning walk in morning, etc. In addition to this serve him healthy low sugar diet rich in whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, and veggies. Ask him to take three meals in a day.



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