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How to Implement a Drupal Theme with the help of PSD to HTML Conversion?

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Owning a website has become a basic need in the current technically driven world. A website acts as a representative of business owners and explains the business’s products, services and offers in the absence of real staff. Company’s sales and profit majorly depend on the quality and design of a website. Today, lots of CMSs have been launched in order to provide an appropriate business website and, Drupal is one of those well-known CMSs which allow web developers to create professional, search engine-friendly websites. Designing your PSD to Drupal CMS involves two phases. In first phase, you need to convert PSD to HTML, and in second phase you need to integrate HTML into Drupal CMS.

Steps for PSD to HTML Conversion:

1. First of all you need to determine your need and what kind of website you want. And, what features you would like to include in your website.

2. Now, analyze your PSD design and examine it thoroughly. Try to recognize the hurdles which may take place during the conversion.

3. The next step is to slice the PSD files into various layers with the help of an image editing tool. Once the slicing has been done, you are ready to insert or remove buttons, text boxes and links.

4. Now, you can integrate PSD format into a high-quality and pixel perfect HTML codes. Accurate coding and correct conversion of PSD design files into HTML, will improve your website’s quality.

5. Now, you are ready to insert the content in your website. This is the major step which should be performed in a correct manner. Ensure that you are adding relevant content which emphasizes the theme of your website and provides the detailed information about your products, services, offers, etc.

6. Test your website across various popular browsers to ensure that it is running properly without any hiccups. Make sure that your website is accessible on different web browsers. A tested and verified website approves W3C validation. And, W3C validated website runs proficiently in the world of internet.

Integrate HTML into Drupal CMS:

Developing a website in Drupal using HTML is very simple. It is as easy as adjusting the setting of your page settings to allow for HTML to be used. Once you complete the PSD to HTML conversion procedure, you need to integrate HTML into Drupal CMS. Below are the steps to perform the same.

1. Generate a page by clicking ‘Content Management’ and then select ‘Create Content’ option.

2. Now, click on ‘Input Format’ tab in the page interface. Change the selection from ‘Filtered HTML’ to ‘Full HTML’.

3. Now, you have to insert HTML into the ‘Body Box’. Once you have selected Full HTML, Drupal permits all HTML to be used.


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