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How To Keep Hair Extra Supple

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Haircuts that are dull, without tons of layers to work well with relaxed hair. The ends can look really look better right for more long layers. “Kick make cuts with a fancy fingering” Big braids a big trend right now and are always fun and easy to do yourself. With the hair on the side, having a thick braid that falls on the opposite side of you. The key is to not have that perfect looking. Another cute braid hair style band all the way to the center, with two braids. Pull the top of the head and connect with the forks at the crown, returning the ends under. Let this aspect of the room and looking. These looks are fun and fresh and can be worn casually or for a great event!

“The wonderful thing is straightened you can use any cut! You may be entitled or with curls or waves of body,” says Pantene stylist Tippi Shorter, Celebrity. “But some of my favorite styles are touching the forehead Long bangs with long layers in the remaining hair, like Chanel Iman. I also like shortcuts, like Halle Berry Pixie, with curls or long layers and hair full of Zoe Saldaña forget to bring pictures with you when you receive a new haircut. Most of all cuts are working on relaxed hair, so options are endless! “For a good night, well worth the style, advice is simple Tippi” For a night out, I like abercrombie sale to either increase the volume of my hair with a touch sensitive volume hairspray, like Pantene Pro-V Volume Dilution spray Sustainable hair and hot rollers. Or, I love a great ponytail Memory Stick Pomade elegant shine to keep hair smooth. “

Then went to Frederica, a stylist Sally Hershberger with the center of the city of New York. He said: “One of the most important things is to keep relaxed hair condition hair healthy hair is the key to a good-looking style, I advise my clients to have relaxed hair use an air conditioner daily .. light with an ointment or wax to prevent loss of electrolyte. In addition, hair cut regularly to prevent split ends, and make oil at home treatments to keep hair soft extra. Remember to drink plenty of water to maintain healthy hair, and n ‘change your hair color too often – can lead to breakage Try using hairpieces to create the illusion of highlights “..

As for styles, Frédérique recommends a pixie cut, shoulder-length bob (or Vaseline!) With the face or the face-framing fringe or abercrombie UK and flawless as Beyonce or Tyra banks do. For a good night, “recalls former Hollywood glamor with an elegant chignon or long soft waves. Or try a smooth ponytail, high or low in a simple and sophisticated look. “


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